This 27 ton, 600hp motorhome, designed by Porsche Design, has sold over 2.4 million!

This 27 ton, 600hp motorhome, designed by Porsche Design, has sold over 2.4 million!

Interior of American Newell’s p50 motorhome © Newell Coach
Newell Coach p50: crazy minimum of more than 2 million euros © Newell Coach
Newell coach p50: more than 55m2 of living space © Newell Coach
Newell Coach p50: marble bathroom © Newell Coach
Newell Coach p50: XXL parenting group © Newell Coach
Newell Coach p50: lounge area © Newell Coach
Newell Coach p50: kitchen area with additional equipment © Newell Coach

Once the Atlantic is crossed, it is an extra in terms of recreational vehicles that awaits us. In Uncle Sam’s land, the world of motorhomes is limitless.

Not known in our countries, Newell’s coach is a prominent player in the United States, in an industry where competition is fierce. His specialty? Designing motorhomes manufactured for over 50 years. Among its flagship models, the p50, a motorhome with a length of more than 13 meters under its huge hood with a 610 horse power engine.

A world of excess

Remember it takes at least that much to pull off 27 tons of craft ! Inside, the animal’s living space is advertised at more than 55m2, a real apartment on four wheels in short. Hyper chic, the Newell p50, whose styling has been entrusted to the Porsche Design offices, is equipped with luxurious and only selected equipment: The most beautiful leather, marble and wood are so part of.

The difference is the details

As for the equipment of the American motorhome, which has an independent ZF front suspension with an anti-roll bar and disc brakes, this is also an extreme that wins. XXL living room (face-to-face benches), large bathroom with walk-in shower, family room or fully equipped kitchen, as well as several TVs scattered around the cabin. A real world cut-out case, with double-glazed windows and sprayed urethane insulation in the side walls, roof, bay floor and undercarriage!

The bill is mounting, mounting…

Built ex nihilo or from a “custom” layout already at the manufacturer’s inventory located in Oklahoma, the p50 is then completed to measure according to the wishes of the buyer, even the most crazy, down to the smallest detail. Finally, a word about invoices. It is difficult to give an exact figure, since in the customization game, the final volume of the p50 motorhome can easily rise. Let’s say that the price of the attack, without much extravagance on the part of the client, will be easily reached 2.445 million dollars (2.22 million euros at the daily rate).

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