This Audi Q6 is not our ‘Audi Q6’

This Audi Q6 is not our ‘Audi Q6’

Audi is expanding its Q-type models further. Between Q2, Q3, A4, Q5, Q7 and Q8 there is still room for Q6 and it is coming. The SUV model will be launched later this year. That is not the Q6 shown here, because this gasoline is Chinese-only.

Is this Chinese Q6 the reason Audi has not released anything about the European Audi Q6 yet? That could be, to prevent controversy between two completely different Q6 models. It is known that there will be Q6 in Europe. It will be the very first model in the new version of Premium Platform Electric (PPE). The floor section was developed in partnership with Porsche and also forms the basis of the Porsche Macan EV. Audi has not yet shown any Q6 E-tron, but of the model that comes after the Q6, A6. That big A6 Sportback E-tron is scheduled for a few months after the Q6 E-tron. The Germans will bring the SUV to market in 2023, followed by the A6 Sportback E-tron. Audi talks about the A6 Sportback E-tron, but the model does not find a specific variant for a different market. In fact, the A6 E-tron was presented as a concept in a Chinese car show.

265 hp 2.0

Back to the Audi A6 shown here. The car is quite different from the Q6 as it will be presented on the European market later this year. It stands on a standard platform designed for combustion engines. The large SUV is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. The power source produces 265 hp. The pictures say ‘quattro’. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Car manufacturers have not yet communicated anything about the 207-kilometer high speed of Q6. All reports were approved by an Autovisie spy.

Audi can also manufacture electric Q6 and A6 in China

The Audi A6 E-tron is a 95% final.

2.2-ton seven seats

The 2205 kg Q6 measures 5,099 meters and reaches 2,014 meters and 1,784 meters in width and height, respectively. The wheel is 2.98 meters. Within these angular body measurements, the Q6 can carry up to seven people. Decorating the body function depends on the version. The manufacturer not only offers the customer a choice of wheels -17, 20 and 21 inch – there is also the option of choosing a separate grille, bumper section or a single color scheme or duotone.

Launches Audi Q6

It is not yet known when Audi itself will launch Q6 for the Chinese market.

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This Audi Q6 is not our ‘Audi Q6’

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