This Audi R5 with 470,000+ km is for sale (again).

This Audi R5 with 470,000+ km is for sale (again).

The MPV style that Audi never made for itself can now be yours

You won’t only find interesting projects on Marktplaats, Facebook Marketplace also serves us with an exclusive car from time to time. This is also the blue ‘Audi bus’ from Richard. An attentive reader may recognize it a few years ago. Surprise! It is still for sale.

For those who don’t know, it’s not an Audi R5. In any case, the German brand has not (yet) used the combination. No, you’re looking at a Seat Alhambra with aspirations of being an Audi. Richard didn’t want two identical cars on his doorstep, so he had his other Alhambra converted into an ‘Audi MPV’. For this he took a few things from Audi, and even removed the braking system from Porsche.

Alhambra seat and Audi nose

In 2018 he already put his ‘Audi bus’ up for sale for 14,500 euros. Now you can get more than 11,500 euros from it. The seat from 2006 has now covered a good 469,000 km, but that doesn’t look like much. The Seat Alhambra (with valid registration!) is currently being sold in Zaandam.

Anyone who wants to give this self-proclaimed Audi R5 the love it deserves won’t get an ambulance. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter TDI that, according to the ad, produces 200 hp. Richard now drives the Alhambra again, with four-wheel drive and a 400 hp TDI block. Although it doesn’t have the ‘typical nose’ from Kiti.

UPDATE: The seller has now increased the price of the Seat ‘Audi’ Alhambra to 6,000 euros. Perhaps a sign of a quick offer after all?

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