This car is to replace Focus, Fiesta and Mondeo.  This is a Ford Tourneo Courier

This car is to replace Focus, Fiesta and Mondeo. This is a Ford Tourneo Courier

Of course, Ford will not say anywhere that the new Tourneo Courier is a direct successor to these three models. But if there is someone who really wants a Ford and at the same time does not want to be electric or to be an SUV, then … yes, the next generation Tourneo Courier should be the answer to his requests.

In addition, the answer – at least at first glance, very interesting.

Ford Tourneo Courier – what is it?

A new, more practical – forget about all station wagons – passenger car from Ford, which will debut in two versions of the car, namely combustion and electric. If someone suggests that it is similar to E-Transit Courier, then yes, they are probably right. However, the power of the electric version (136 hp), the maximum charging power (100 kW) and the charging time from the 11 kW charger (5.7 hours) are the same.

So yes, the Ford Tourneo Courier / Ford E-Tourneo Courier is the Ford E-Transit Courier, but in a passenger version. It took us a while in the editorial office to come to this conclusion, but at least we succeeded.

If someone were to ask what the electric version will look like, this is exactly what it is:

Unfortunately, the premiere of the Ford Tourneo Courier had very few details.

What is the battery? It is unknown, as is the case with the electric Transit. Reception? is unknown. It is known, however, that on a fast charger (100 kW) we will pay from 10 to 80 percent. in 35 minutes, and it will take only 10 minutes to complete the range for 85 kilometers.

It is also known that 5 adult passengers should be on board easily with luggage, the sofa will be divided in a ratio of 60:40, while the capacity of the trunk is to be 44 percent more than before. higher than in the previous generation and even – in the electric version – is supplemented by a front luggage rack. According to the detailed schedule, E-Tourneo Courier is to provide a total of 570 to 1198 liters of cargo capacity, and if we load the car under the roof – from 1188 to 2162 liters. A few centimeters – the exception will be the distance. between the boot floor and the headrest, which will increase by 4.5 cm.

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Ford E-Tourneo Courier will also be able to tow a trailer weighing up to 700 kg, while the combustion version – up to 1000 kg.

In particular – the Ford Tourneo Courier will also debut in a combustion version.

It’s the green one in the picture, and it’s probably the one that will appeal to the customers described in the introduction, that is, those whose search for a new car includes “Ford”, “combustion engine”, “practical” and “not an SUV”.

Unfortunately, the choice of combustion engines will not be good. According to the press release, only one engine will come to the version – liter EcoBoost with 125 hp, with a 6-speed manual transmission or a two-clutch automatic transmission.

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Considering the fact that the car will be “less than 4.4 m long” – this is no longer bad news. Unless we’re actually going to put a passenger and cargo set inside and throw a trailer on top of it. It can be a little slow.

We still have to wait for the price.

So far, all we know is that the combustion engine version of the car will go to customers later this year, and specifically this summer. An electric version will be available in Europe in 2024.

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