This hatchback will soon also transform into an SUV…

This hatchback will soon also transform into an SUV…

Citroën announced last week that it is now slightly done with the SUV. Today, however, the European brand regularly announces a new SUV. And that’s not just any brand, but a member of the Fiat group!

And then not about the next generation of SUV, but about the model that is still offered as a regular hatchback. Fiat is indeed busy with the successor of the current Tipo on the market. That will happen in 2025, but that will be a completely different car than we know now.

Cheap, spacious and smart

This is all evident from the words of Olivier François, the big boss of Fiat. According to him, his brand has two missions: to provide urban mobility and affordable transportation for families. Then it’s about a car that must be spacious, cheap and smart.

The new Fiat Panda will be a Panda again, but also an ‘old’ one

“We are talking about the C segment and you will see that car in 2025,” Francois was quoted by AutoExpress. “We need to replace the Tipo. It will be a car that crosses traditional segments, as everyone is doing now. So it will be like an SUV, but in a creative way,” says François.

408 and C4X

This means that the new Fiat Tipo fits perfectly into the image of Stellantis. Because brands like Peugeot and Citroën have also recently introduced a model in that segment that has SUV-like features, but also has sedan and coupe features in it. Think of cars like the Peugeot 408 and Citroën C4 X. So the Tipo seems to be a sibling of those cars.

That would mean the Fiat looks equally powerful. Consider gasoline and diesel engines, as well as hybrid and fully electric versions. The latter would be interesting for the Netherlands. Stellantis now offers the models with a 54 kWh battery and a range of over 400 km.

There is one

The big news for the Tipo is also in the number of body styles that the new variant will be available. The model is sold worldwide and is now available as a hatchback, wagon and sedan. The new Tipo will replace all three body styles as SUV-like. So Fiat will produce one and the same model worldwide. That is necessary to make the company profitable again, says François.

‘New and electric Fiat Punto will arrive in 2023’

This year there is even more Fiat news on the program. It is reported that we will also see a production version of the new B segment of the brand in 2023. It may be named Punto.

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