This Honda has done more than 1.6 million kilometers.  The owner was rewarded

This Honda has done more than 1.6 million kilometers. The owner was rewarded

The Honda Accord featured in the video on the TFLclassics channel boasts over a million miles on the odometer. Honda bought the car back, but did not leave the previous owner empty-handed.

Cars that can boast of very high mileage on their account always arouse a lot of interest. This time we have the opportunity to delve into the history of the Honda Accord, whose counter is very attractive. A copy currently owned by the manufacturer was presented in a video on the TFLclassics channel, where its (un)common history was also discussed.

This article is from 1990 and drove a total of 1,003,440 miles, which gives us about 1,614,880 kilometers. The car was bought by a Honda representative, with whose help he visited the entire United States. Despite such high mileage this model still has the original engine and gearboxwhich makes success more attractive.

This Honda Accord Has Over 1 Million Miles! Here’s The Secret To Getting It There!

Joe, because that was the name of the previous owner of this car, kept all the receipts from the workshop. It is from this that we can understand the secret of the longevity of this Agreement. Together this car has had 185 oil changes and 31 transmission oil changes. In addition, it was placed in it as a whole 9 timing belts and 13 sets of brake pads.

When the Accord passed the 1 million mile mark, Honda decided to buy the car from its current owner. Joe, however, did not leave empty-handed, because he received a brand new car from that brand. Currently Honda which he traveled more than twice the distance between the Earth and the Moon and backit is used for advertising purposes.

The model itself can boast a good external condition for its mileage, although it must be increased After buying the car, Honda decided to restore it. The ravages of time are more visible inside the car, especially the plastics and seats, but for a car over 30 years old with a mileage of over 1.6 million kilometers. identifying such problems is just blasphemy.