This humidor (cigarette box) from Rolls-Royce is the peak of luxury

This humidor (cigarette box) from Rolls-Royce is the peak of luxury

Have you made millions and are looking for a humidor (cigarette box) for your fumoir (smoking room)? Then you came to a wonderful place in Rolls-Royce. They’ve made a box of cigarettes – including a place to store your whiskey. In addition, it all fits into the Rolls-Royce trunk. This way you can take a cigarette box with you on a picnic, for example.

British car manufacturers often take action outside of their comfort zone. Previously they had made a comfortable portable chair. This time, smokers and whiskey drinkers are being destroyed by Rolls-Royce.

Equipped with every luxury

The cigarette box is made of polished aluminum and leather. It also has a folded tray. At the bottom of this tray you will find four handmade whiskey glasses with the RR logo if included. To keep your cigarettes in good condition, a hygrometer has been added to measure humidity. In addition, you get a cigarette cut off from ST Dupont, Paris and of course a stylish ashtray can not be missed. Moreover, the very high cost of ST. Dupont Le Grand lighter together. These lamps are usually sold for about a thousand euros.

Finally, there is also the opportunity for peanuts to chew during your smoking period. All in all, this makes the cigarette box the ultimate luxury product for smokers, but you should spend a lot of it on it. Rolls-Royce is asking for at least $ 61,000 for a stylish box. In addition, it is also possible to personalize a cigarette box. In that case, the selling price will be much higher.

For more information about this humidor, please visit Rolls-Royce website

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