This is a new song on Enzo Knol’s Lamborghini Urus

This is a new song on Enzo Knol’s Lamborghini Urus

With nearly 3 million people subscribed to YouTube and less than 2 million followers on Instagram, you can say that Enzo Knol, who has over 3000 vlogs on his main channel, is the boss on YouTube along with StukTV, who are fighting for a healthy competition with everyone one. other.

Lamborghini Urus of Enzo Knol

Lamborghini Urus can be seen almost daily on the vlog. Every now and then he kicks her by the tail and then the speed has to be slowed down so she doesn’t get into trouble with the police. But if you have such a pet, every car enthusiast may think the temptation is too great.

The car already has several covers. She bought it in Space Gray and also has a John Deere wrapper, a matte pink wrap, a white wrap, a bright blue wrap, of course we can’t forget 50/50 Miami Blue and a matte black wrap. It currently has a purple wrap on it. Posted by Duke Design. This time, Enzo Knol has trusted another company to make something good out of it.

Koops car operation

Koops Automotion has gained that reputation this time around. But perhaps this company has already leaked the paint. In one story, the back of the car looked very clear. This was white, but the possibility that this car belongs to Enzo Knol is not clear. He has already been with Urus in white once and viewers expect the most unique wrap.

In the end, all the rumors were bad. Urus eventually changed to black with a bright purple glow and a well-decorated carbon notes. Knol himself described the band as “the purest ‘ever to have a Russian.

Watch the entire Enzo Knol video below and enjoy the beautiful photos taken by Koops Automotion.