this is how much it costs to maintain a 3 million euro car for ten years [VIDEO]

this is how much it costs to maintain a 3 million euro car for ten years [VIDEO]


It is difficult for any owner Bugattis he can complain maintenance costs. If you can afford to drive out more than 3 million euros, you can afford maintenance, no matter how expensive it may seem to us mere mortals. However it is interesting to know how much does it cost to maintain a Bugatti Chiron.

In the above video from The Hamilton Collection, Steve Hamilton breaks down the cost of maintaining his Chiron since he bought it and how much it will cost over ten years. Most of the repairs that Hamilton had already done were covered by standard four-year warranty covering Chiron. If the Bugatti supercar was out of its original warranty period, the same service would cost $34,000 (about €31,600). Normal annual coupon it costs 11,500 dollars (more than 10,700 euros).

About 190,000 euros are needed to extend the joint guarantee for four years.

If you want extend the general warranty on the car for another four years beyond the initial vaccination period, the cost is 204,000 dollars (about 190,000 euros). Although it sounds high, the service covers everything from oil changes to tire wear. If a Chiron owner plans to keep the car for ten years, the six years following the first four years covered by the original warranty will come to a bill of $91,500 (about $85,000), based on five annual coupons of $11,500 and four years’ worth of $34,000. coupon. And let’s just talk routine maintenance, without therefore fixing anything that may break or be damaged. With that in mind the low-end Chiron costs more than $10,000 (around 9,300 euros), an additional four-year warranty can be convenient for older car owners, especially if you buy it used.

Replacing the W16 engine costs around 800,000 euros

Speaking of the dangers of used cars, what happens if you have to replace the 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine? In this case the cost is very high, given that it will take more than 856,400 dollars, or around 800,000 euros. If it breaks double clutch gearbox of Chiron, replacing it will cost 185,000 dollars (more than 172,000 euros). And i brake, which can be damaged and will need to be replaced from time to time? The front rotors alone cost over $18,000 (over €16,700), to which must be added $6,700 (around €6,200) for the bearings. The same costs for the rear rotors with bearings that have a price of $ 4,000 (about 3,700 euros).

In short, beyond the initial purchase cost, owning a Bugatti Chiron also means taking into account certain maintenance costs that, of course, go hand in hand with the luxury and exclusivity of such a great car. has been selected by the new Google News service, if you want to be constantly updated about our news
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