This is how Tesla is fueling the import of combustion engines to Switzerland

This is how Tesla is fueling the import of combustion engines to Switzerland

On the one hand, Tesla boss Elon Musk is proud to sell cars that are environmentally friendly. At the same time, however, he also benefits from the import of combustion engines. Like?

Elon Musk makes money from the sale of combustion engines. – the main stone

important points in brief

  • Certain CO2 limits apply to each batch of new vehicles introduced.
  • For Teslas, emissions are zero, that’s why “credits” should occur.
  • According to insiders, the company sells this to importers who import combustion engines.

Anyone importing new cars into Switzerland for business purposes must comply with various guidelines. On average, a car can only emit 118 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven. As the “Tagesanzeiger” reports, however, individual requirements apply to each importer.

If the imported batch is above the limit, penalties must be paid. Tesla is taking advantage of this for its side business. Electric vehicles are known to have no direct CO2 emissions.

According to an industry expert quoted by the newspaper, Tesla should “benefit” from CO2 emissions. This company auctions them in Switzerland among other importers in the form of CO2 certificates.

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A win-win situation: Importers who choose to buy bypass federal restrictions. And Tesla makes a fortune by selling certificates. According to insiders, such a certificate – until 2014 – is worth 4,000 francs. However, strong CO2 emitters such as sports cars often result in fees that can reach 12,000 francs.

Consequences: imports of cars that emit a lot of CO2 are promoted. So Tesla is not as green as Elon Musk likes to portray his company?

This side business is definitely not forbidden. And the federal government also sees no need for action, the newspaper continues. But there is growing criticism in politics: State Councilor Damian Müller, for example, has “the feeling that the industry is exploiting the system”.

SP-Nordmann sees no need to act

From his point of view, nothing needs to change in the law. But he is calling for “difficult conversations” with the industry. SP group leader Roger Nordmann, on the other hand, does not seem to have a big problem with the current situation.

Because, according to Nordmann, the system works as a whole. While the number of electric vehicles is growing, that of combustion engines is decreasing.

However, he recommends the introduction of an optional extra charge when buying an electric car. For its part, Tesla would refrain from trading CO2 certificates in relation to a new car purchased.

That’s how much Musk gets for the combustion engine deals

Because Tesla’s approach is also allowed in the EU, the CEO also gets the same huge profits there. Tesla and Fiat-Chrysler entered into a partnership four years ago.

According to the newspaper, industry experts estimate that Fiat-Chrysler will pay Tesla 1.8 billion francs by the end of 2023. In fact, this would finance Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany, where 5,000 new cars are manufactured every week.