This is not the last Ford GT for Holland yet

This is not the last Ford GT for Holland yet

The Netherlands has another rich Ford GT. Recently, the Utrecht dealer Ford Zeeuw & Zeeuw was able to please the owner of the original GT with the latest version. The super sports car is registered directly on the Dutch license plate. Unfortunately, it is not the last article to come to our country. There may be two more!

It remains to be seen if the cars will also have a Dutch license plate. The customer decides where the GT will be delivered and in which country the car will be registered. In any case, the buyer of the yellow GT chose the color of the license plate based on the exterior color of the car. The buyer, who prefers to remain anonymous, is a huge GT fan and will enjoy it, as it should be.

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Factory sale

Two copies are now registered in the Netherlands. In addition to the yellow GT, there were also Legacy edition on the license plate. But with these two, there are still a few copies in Dutch hands. Ford Netherlands is not involved in the delivery, as the manufacturer himself chooses, guides and makes the customer happy with the car. In addition, not all copies were requested from the factory via Dutch addresses. According to the spokesperson of the brand, the yellow GT is not the last sports competition for our country. There is talk of one or even two copies.

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The last round

The affected cars will be built this year, as 2022 is the last production year of the super sports car. When the last GT de Canadian production location leaves, Ford has manufactured 1,350 units. The manufacturer offered cars in several categories. The first batch contained 250 units, followed by 250 units three times. After 1000e GT was sold, Ford decided to hold a final round for 350 participants. Interested parties had to re-register for each session. Then Ford chose buyers.

More GTs in our country than sold

Of the previous generation GT, 101 units were available for Europe, one of which went to a Dutch customer. Of the first editions after the GT40, seven are currently given a Dutch license plate.

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