This is the Dutch price of the Ford Explorer

This is the Dutch price of the Ford Explorer

Ford’s marketing department has not backed down with the ‘Explorer’ PR. The new Volkswagen ID.4 with the Ford logo is the first electric car to complete a full cycle around the world. Lexie Alfrod tested the early production version of the Explorer on more than 20,000 miles of road on six different continents, with the finish line in Nice. After this trip, the Ford Explorer can be sold and the brand will announce the Dutch price.

A bit about Alfred’s world travel. Ford chose the French city as the end of the journey, because it was also the end of the Aloha Wanderwell world tour. She began a journey in 1922 in a Ford Model T that lasted until 1927, making her the first woman to see the entire planet. The Alford trip was a little shorter — six months — but it came with its own set of problems. This allowed him to recharge at a maximum rate of 2.2 kW in the Atacama desert. It is not surprising, since the desert is not yet flooded with fast chargers.

Dutch price of Ford Explorer

Enough laughing, says Ford, because there are more serious things to discuss. The browser will be sold immediately after the world tour. Dutch Ford Explorer price starts 41.450 euros. This makes the Explorer cheaper than the entry-level ID.4 Volkswagen (44,990 euros). For this price you get the Standard Range version with rear wheel drive. The Extended Range RWD goes for 45,950 euros. A variant with a larger battery and four-wheel drive costs at least 53,950 euros.

Then there are the Premium versions with a paneled roof, a different sound system, different lights and some extras in the interior that come as standard. The Premium version with rear-wheel drive goes for 49,950 euros. The top seller is the Ford Explorer Premium Extended Range AWD, which sells for at least 57,950 euros.

Prices in Belgium start at 44,950 euros, which means that the Explorer is 50 euros more expensive than the ID.4 there. The cheapest version with a wide range costs at least 48,950 euros. If you want a four-wheel drive with a big battery in Belgium, you will spend 56,988 euros. The Explorer Premium RWD costs 49,228 euros and the all-wheel drive version goes for at least 60,448 euros.

Ford Explorer Details

We don’t know how far the cheap Browser can run on a full battery. Ford presents data for Extended Range versions only. If you choose the rear wheel drive, you get a 77 kWh battery which is good for 602 km of driving pleasure. The AWD version has a 79-kWh battery that can reach a range of 566 km. For the Premium models, the range decreases to 572 km and 532 km respectively.

The rear-wheel drive Ford Explorer has a single electric motor that produces 286 hp and 545 Nm. The maximum speed is limited to 180 km / h and goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.4 seconds. With an additional electric motor, the power in the AWD version increases to 340 hp. Top speed remains the same, but sprint speed increases to 5.3 seconds. This makes the four-wheel drive Explorer faster than the Focus ST.

Charging must also be lightning fast: charging from 10 to 80 percent should be possible in 26 minutes with a 185-kW fast charger. The RWD version can handle a maximum of 135 kW. There is also 450 liters of trunk space and the four-wheel drive version can tow a maximum of 1,200 kg. Delivery of the Ford Explorer will begin in September this year, except for the more affordable model. The cars will not be delivered until the first quarter of 2025.

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