This is the end of small iPhones.  Apple was wrong this time

This is the end of small iPhones. Apple was wrong this time

The iPhone Compact 12 mini and 13 mini were supposed to bring small smartphones to the market, and it was the nail in their coffin. So it should not be surprising that they will not have a direct successor.

Very few people are willing to buy a small smartphone

Looking at many comments on the Internet, it can be concluded that a smartphone with good specifications and a small screen should sell big. Of course, there will be people ready to buy, but in fact, the majority of people are looking for devices with screens 6-inches and larger. Just look at the smartphones manufactured by the companies – many offer great performances. Not without reason – such models are in great demand.

Establishing a market iPhone 12 mini announced that it would be possible, however, to find a place for smaller equipment. Many people expected that other manufacturers would also follow Apple. Unfortunately this did not happen. Of course, there was a chance, but Apple smartphones would have to sell well. Unfortunately (?), Fast it turned outtheir interest is far from what Tim Cook’s team expected.

CIRP report (photo: MacRumors)

The analyst report from CIRP, which was published two months after the PREMIERE of the iPhone 12 mini, clearly showed that the smallest model from the “Dozen” is also one of the worst sellers. It accounted for only 6% of all Apple smartphone sales. In contrast, the results iPhone 12 was 27%, a 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max they had 20% each. What’s more, in selected periods, even the old models – XR, got better results, 11 or SE.

The premiere of the successor, ie iPhone 13 mininothing has changed for the bottom line. Even the long life of the battery did not help, ie improving one of the biggest disadvantages of the predecessor. The iPhone 13 mini, according to the latest data published by CIRP, which covers the beginning of 2022. it was Only 3% of the total sales of Apple smartphones.

We won’t see the iPhone 14 mini

The exception is Japan, where models from the mini series are very popularbut certainly not enough to convince the Cupertino company to launch a successor on the market. Instead, high-end smartphones this year will only include devices that display screens larger than 6 inches. 14, 14 Max, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Will Apple ever go back to 5.4-inch screens on iPhones? Some they showthat such a display could be on the next SE model. However, I would not be so sure, because the new SE, in order to give it high sales, may turn out to be a “rebirth” iPhone XR or 11.

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