This is the first Aston Martin Valkyrie in the Netherlands!

This is the first Aston Martin Valkyrie in the Netherlands!

It is the first Aston Martin Valkyrie for the Dutch market, but the second to be handed over to a Dutch client. The first one did not put it on the yellow plate, but this is the very first one on the Dutch license plate. The wealthy owner was brought to his luxury car today.

How strange this is: a large passenger car designed according to the F1 philosophy of Red Bull Advanced Technologies architect Adrian Newey, a man behind several championship cars and then given a number plate. And in this case the Dutch license plate! Yes, this work of art on wheels hits the road. The owner informs Autovisie that he thinks it is a shame that such a car is stored in a dark garage.

He believes that the car should be seen on the road. And so Aston Martin Valkyrie appeared on the Dutch highway shortly after delivery. A special feeling, since the car has Formula 1 genes and has a price tag that makes it one of the most expensive cars in the world.


Over six years, hypercar buyers had to wait for delivery. That development took longer than Aston Martin and Red Bull previously thought it would take. The main reason for the postponement was because designers Marek Reichmann (Aston Martin) and Adrian Newey (Red Bull) continued to raise the bar. The development of the concepts and criteria involved only took several months. Read more under photo gallery.

After that, all the elements were made to light, for example because of the search for the lowest weight or the best aerodynamic shape. The long-awaited production of hand-made hypercar began in late 2021. Only 150 copies of Aston Martin Valkyrie will be released. At least, like a coupe. The Spyder, which Aston Martin now puts in the final touches, will be 85 times repaired. In addition, there is a version of the song, Pro. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Read more under photo gallery.

The Truth of Sjoerds Aston Martin Valkyrie

If you want to know everything about Aston Martin Valkyrie, be sure to watch the video below from Autovisie editor Sjoerd van Bilsen. He shows you all the hypercar details and explains everything.

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