This is the last Ford GT in the Netherlands!  Cost: over 650,000 euros

This is the last Ford GT in the Netherlands! Cost: over 650,000 euros

Do you remember? To be allowed to buy a Ford GT, it must be inspected. Ford wants to know your relationship with the brand, how many followers you have on social media and what you do with the company America’s Supercar going to do. Additionally, you cannot sell the GT within two years, on pain of a hefty fine. Although we can’t imagine that the Dutch owner of this rare Ford GT Heritage Edition would want to get rid of his purchase so quickly.

According to Ford, this is the seventh GT to be officially released in the Netherlands and also the last.

The last Ford GT in the Netherlands

The seventh and last Ford GT officially produced by Ford Netherlands has been handed over to a new owner at the Ford Zeeuw & Zeeuw dealership in Gouda. The Ford GT will always remain a rare sight, but the chance to meet two GTs of this type from the Heritage series is rare. Only a few have been handed over in Europe.

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The Holman Moody team was instrumental in the GT40’s success. After the 1965 Le Mans race, Ford formed a new Le Mans Committee. That gave Holman Moody (and Shelby American) the task of improving the GT40 MK II. In January 1966, more than 265 rounds were completed in eight days. The car with chassis number P/1016 became the wheels laboratory, helping the team add brakes, suspension, tires and settings. All efforts had one goal – to win Le Mans 1966.

Exclusive edition

The exclusive gold-and-red edition of the super lightweight supercar features the signature wheel arches in Oxford White, with the number 5 running on the doors, front door and rear wing. Everything is as close as possible to the 1966 Ford GT40, which Holman Woody raced. What stands out are the shiny carbon fiber elements, such as the 20-inch wheels, front splitter, side skirts, mirrors, hood scoops and rear diffuser.

Ford is preparing the new Ranger Raptor with Ford GT technology

A lot of carbon fiber can also be found in the interior, such as on the door frames, roof pillars, center console and dashboard. Here too, the racing number 5 returns, on the door panels. The carbon fiber seats are upholstered in Ebony Alcantara® with gold stitching and GT logo on the seats and headrests. Gold colored appliqués on the instrument panel, doors and X-frame of the seats provide a nice contrast to the matte carbon fiber. The shift pads are in Holman Moody Gold color which also adorns the exterior of the car.

The owner of the last Dutch Ford GT

The new owner, a South Dutch businessman and sports enthusiast: “My roots are in mechanical engineering and I like practical, lightweight designs. Apart from the design, that’s what really appeals to me about the Ford GT.

This is not the last Ford GT for Holland yet

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This is the last Ford GT in the Netherlands! Cost: over 650,000 euros