This is the most expensive Audi sold in the Netherlands in 2022

This is the most expensive Audi sold in the Netherlands in 2022

For the most expensive Audi sold in the Netherlands in 2022, you can immediately think of the Audi R8. After all, that’s Lamborghini in more business clothes, but with a modern V10 engine. No, this year’s most expensive new Audi is the RS Q8 – an SUV, in other words. Although you could argue that this is also a Lamborghini Urus.

To paint a good picture: the thickest Audi R8 (Spyder Performance) costs at least 307,000 euros. This Audi RS Q8 was more expensive. According to RDW registration data, the article in question costs no less than 444,747 euros. To put it within the realm of Lamborghini: when it was still available, you also bought an Aventador Roadster for it.

So what makes the most expensive 2022 Audi so expensive?

Not just any Audi RS Q8. Before the car got a Dutch license plate, it went to an Abt tuner for a tune-up. The most expensive Audi of 2022 is the RS Q8 Signature Edition. This Audi is proud of the registration certificate 799 hp. In addition, it should have 1,000 Nm, and it is also dressed with a lot of carbon fiber and heavy 23-inch wheels.

The Audi RS Q8 Signature Edition from Abt is a special edition that the tuner pays homage to the company’s founder. They make only 96 copies, some of which came to Holland. It is the sibling of the Audi RS 6 Signature Edition, a few of which also appeared on Dutch license plates in 2022 at a price of 400,000 euros.

Normally you would register the car first and then go to the scraper. This order could save money that now goes to the tax authorities. However, that is not possible with this Abt, dealer spokesperson VD Akker tells TopGear. Abt sells ready-made cars, not based on a customer-supplied Q8, so you’ll just have to give the taxman his pocket money.

What do you pay for an Audi RS Q8 Signature Edition?

There are still a few available from different dealers on the most popular sales sites. They ask all newcomers 422,500 euros. Therefore the actual selling price may differ from the list price. Abt also uses Henry Ford’s principle: ‘You can choose any color, as long as it’s black.’