This is the new Lexus GX.  It is nicely angular and will be able to be an electrician in the frame

This is the new Lexus GX. It is nicely angular and will be able to be an electrician in the frame

The US welcomes the Lexus GX. It’s a beautifully finished variation of what we’ll soon see as the new Toyota Land Cruiser.

I did not expect such an angular body. This is the first thought that came to my mind after seeing the pictures of the latest Lexus GX. Is it wrong? None of these things. Angular shapes are perfect for off-roaders. And yet it is an unusual way.

The new Lexus GX is built on a frame

There are fewer and fewer of these cars. From the examples we provide, SsangYong Rexton comes to my mind (sorry, now it’s KGMobility Rexton), and then I have to do a lot of effort to find the name. The frame adds weight to the vehicle, but improves its durability in tough conditions, such as off-road driving or towing a heavy trailer.

Interestingly, Lexus may be the first car in a frame with an electric motor. At the moment, it is an unabashed combustion engine – initially, the version will only include the most powerful 3.4 V6 engine with 350 hp, a hybrid will join the lineup in the unknown future. According to the brand’s engineers, the new frame design allows the battery to be placed in different places – for example, on the rear axle in the case of a plug-in hybrid or in the middle under the car, in the case of an electric one. version. It hasn’t been announced yet, but no one is denying it. Especially since the market life of the GX and the new Land Cruiser can last even more than 10 years, as in the case of its predecessor.

The new Lexus GX will be available in two interior configurations

The difference of six players will be 2+2+2. In the seven-seat version, instead of two separate seats in the back, there will be benches.

What else is known about the new GX? It introduced a new electronic power steering, which, according to people from Lexus, is to improve the feeling of the car not only on the pavement, but also off the road. Modifier suspension and active fluids will be available as an option. There will also be permanent four-wheel drive and an electronically locked differential. The transfer case should switch between modes faster than the old model. The interior is an oasis of luxury with leather trim and a big screen.

Americans still don’t know how much the new Lexus GX will cost

We are waiting for the “small” Land Cruiser, which will look similar to its best-born brother … or rather, its cousin from America. I love this style to the brim.

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