This is the only place in Lublin, and maybe even in the region.  The car museum is open!  see the picture

This is the only place in Lublin, and maybe even in the region. The car museum is open! see the picture

This coming Friday, the inhabitants of Lublin will be able to move in time. The final touches are underway before the opening of the automobile museum in Lublin. The place is a real treat for fans of four-wheeled history. Some exhibits are over 100 years old.

– Passion started with the first car – Syrenka 105, which I bought to have an old car. Later it went further. The collection began to expand, more Polish cars from the era of the Polish People’s Republic were arriving. The search for cars in warehouses and car sales in Poland, Europe and the USA began – says Jarosław Janowski, owner of “Classic Garage”, a car museum in Lublin. Ensures all cars are in working order and also participates in historic car rallies. The entire collection of Mr. Jarosław has about 70-80 cars, and visitors will be able to see about 30 exhibits.
– Others are waiting in line or are under renovation – Jarosław Janowski explains.

The first space of its kind in the region for visitors will be available from Friday May 26th. Visitors will be able to admire historic cars from around the world. The exhibition includes the Bugatti Type 35 from 1927, the Chevrolet Corvette C3 or the aforementioned Mermaid 105. The official opening, which will last for two days, will be accompanied by many accompanying attractions. The entire event will be moderated by icons of automotive journalism – Włodzimierz Zientarski and Joanna Zientarska. In addition, there will be a retro-style dance party, concerts by groups such as Second Life or Render, and competitions. You will also be able to listen to lectures about the history of the Polish car industry and the Lublin Truck Factory. Organizers encourage owners of historic cars and motorcycles to come and display it to a wider audience. Applications with a photo of the vehicle should be sent to the email address Admission to the May 26 and 27 events is free.

The owner cordially invites you to the opening and future dates.

– These are permanent exhibits available to all. Even before the opening, we have a lot of interest from the school. During those trips, young people will be able to find out what our grandparents were driving – adds Janowski.

At special presentations and boards located next to each car, visitors will be able to learn the history and interesting information about the exhibition, in addition, there will be someone who will answer all questions related to the given car model. There will be a museum open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pmHowever, it is also possible to personally arrange a tour date.

The museum is located in Lublin Jana Kasprowicz Street 32. Access is possible by private car and public transport, which is encouraged by the organizers on the opening day. There is a stop for line 52 next to it.

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