This is what all Aston Martin investors have been waiting for!  ()

This is what all Aston Martin investors have been waiting for! ()

The current analysis concerns the stock of Aston Martin Lagonda Global, which is listed in the “Car Manufacturers” section. The stock traded on 06/01/2023 00:22 at 259.2 GBP.

Using a proven program, we rated the Aston Martin Lagonda Global at the current level. Stocks are evaluated on 5 factors, each of which is assigned a “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell” rating. This leads to an overall evaluation in the final stage.

1. Analyst rating: Out of a total of 5 analyst ratings from the last twelve months for Aston Martin Lagonda Global stock, 1 rating is “Buy”, 3 are “Hold” and 1 is “Sell”. This means, on average, a “hold” rating for the security. However, analysts that recently rated the stock have come to a different conclusion – Aston Martin Lagonda Global’s average recommendation from last month is ‘Buy’ (1 Buy, 0 Hold, 0 Sell). Average GBP 500 is calculated from the given price targets. That means the stock could be up 92.9 per cent from its last close (£259.2). The resulting recommendation is “Buy”. In summary, Aston Martin Lagonda Global receives a “Buy” rating from analysts.

2. Technical analysis: The current price of Aston Martin Lagonda Global of 259.2 GBP is a “buy” signal at a distance of +27.92 percent from GD200 (202.63 GBP) from the point of view of technical evaluation of the chart. In contrast, GD50, which estimates the average price development for 50 days, is priced at GBP 231.14. That means the stock price has a “buy” signal as the gap is +12.14 percent. The bottom line is that the Aston Martin Lagonda Global stock price is rated as Buy based on the 50 and 200 day moving averages.

3. Sentiment and Buzz: Aston Martin Lagonda Global can also be viewed and evaluated over time based on the number of word contributions (discussion volume) and the level of sentiment change. This allows interesting conclusions to be drawn about the long-term situation of the last few months. Specifically: The stock showed moderate activity. This indicates moderate debate intensity and warrants a “Hold” rating. However, the level of change in sentiment does not show any change, which corresponds to the assessment as a “hold” value. In the overall rating, the Aston Martin Lagonda Global rating on this stage is: “Hold”.

Buy, hold or sell – your Aston Martin analysis is up to date 01.06. gives the answer:

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