This is what all Nissan investors have been waiting for!  ()

This is what all Nissan investors have been waiting for! ()

On the Tokyo domestic market, Nissan Motor is quoted at 467.7 JPY as of October 27, 2022, 09:56 am Nissan Motor belongs to the “Automobile Manufacturers” segment.

In an internal analysis, we rated Nissan Motor based on the 7 most important factors based on current data. This results in a “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell” rating. These 7 separate individual factors then lead to a combined overall assessment of the stock’s prospects.

1. Dividend: With a dividend yield of 0.93%, Nissan Motor is below the Auto industry average (6.02%) in terms of payout, as the difference is 5.09 percentage points. A “Sell” rating can be derived from this for now.

2. Sector comparison Share price: The stock has gained 3.12 percent in the past year. Compared to stocks from the same sector (“Consumer Discretionary”), Nissan Motor is 1.72 percent above average (1.4 percent). The average annual yield for bonds from the “cars” of the same branch is 0.82 percent. Nissan Motor is currently 2.3 percent above this value. Due to this star cluster, we rate the stock at this level as a total “Hold”.

3. Investors: The situation in social networks has become more positive in the last few days. For seven days the discussion had a positive theme, while for three days negative communication dominated. In the last day or two, investors have also increased their talk on positive topics related to Nissan Motor Company. As a result, the editors rated the stock a “buy”. Statistical evaluations based on a large amount of historical data have shown increasing buy signals in the last two weeks. In particular, there were 5 “buy” signals (and 3 “sell” signals) according to the contact, which leads to a “buy” rating for this parameter. In summary, this results in a “buy” rating for investor sentiment.

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