This is what the Mercedes Safety Experience and AMG Driving Academy driving schools look like

This is what the Mercedes Safety Experience and AMG Driving Academy driving schools look like

A one-day Mercedes-Benz Safety Experience training session at one of the three centers (Jastrząb track, Bednary track or Modlin track) is enough to humble yourself and confirm your opinion about your driving skills. It turns out that while Poles usually think of themselves as good, and usually very good drivers, they actually don’t even know they’re in a bad place behind the wheel.

Mercedes-Benz Safety Experience – training for everyone

And it is increasing awareness, showing what carelessness and thoughtlessness behind the wheel, and the lack of knowledge about the laws of physics that determine the behavior of the car, especially in bad conditions, are among the goals of Mercedes-Benz Safety. Get training courses.

Another issue is the ability to use safety systems that can be found in many modern cars. As the instructors told us during the press show training, although the ABS system has been known for decades and has been a must-have device for many years, many drivers still don’t know what the system is for and how to do it. use it!

The training itself begins with a theoretical part, during which the basics of driving dynamics are explained, including the aforementioned position behind the wheel, but also balancing the center of gravity, oversteer and understeer, and the turning technique. In fact, the practical program is more interesting, during which the “students” do, among others, exercises on the skid and jerk plate, the emergency stop train on dry and wet surfaces and see for yourself how the braking distance increases when we increase, for example, the speed of 50 km / h 10 and 20 km / h.

The Mercedes-Benz Safety Experience is also a great opportunity to learn more about assistance systems, such as the PRE-SAFE family safety systems. One of them is the so-called pink noise to protect the sense of hearing in the event of a collision.

AMG Driving Academy – when we want to improve the skills we have already acquired

Autodrom Jastrząb and the Silesia Ring in Poland and the Brno Circuit in the Czech Republic are the three places where classes are held in this year, the ninth edition of the AMG Driving Academy. In the past seasons, the Polish branch of the AMG Driving Academy has already trained more than 4,000 people. people. Like the Mercedes-Benz Safety Experience, AMG training is aimed at those who want to improve their driving skills or gain experience driving Mercedes-AMG’s most powerful machines and test their abilities in safe conditions.

Photo: Mariusz Kamiński / Auto Świat

The Mercedes-Benz Safety Experience

There are three advanced training types to choose from for training participants: a basic one, i.e. AMG Experience, and two more advanced – AMG Performance Racing Only and AMG Performance. Depending on which one we choose, a number of practical activities await us, from accelerating and breaking through choosing the right path to dealing with leading and underpowered people. An interesting experience, which allows you to exceed your limits, is the instructor’s driving module, known as Lead & Follow, on the other hand, the competitive element is introduced by the time trial competition.

The Mercedes-Benz Safety ExperiencePhoto: Mariusz Kamiński / Auto Świat

The Mercedes-Benz Safety Experience

A regular race ride with an instructor (Race Taxi) also provides a lot of excitement. It is worth noting that while the AMG Performance Racing Only and AMG Performance programs aim to improve the skills of the most experienced drivers, they offer additional modules in the field of dynamic driving, the basic training of the AMG Experience also introduces relaxation factors – this. offers the opportunity to test AMG models on the open road (AMG Tour).

As a rule, Mercedes-Benz Safety Experience courses and AMG Driving Academy training courses are addressed to existing or potential users of one of the Mercedes or AMG models. While the first of them aims to increase the awareness of Mercedes users as drivers, the second is often the first contact with AMG models and their capabilities.