This Lamborghini Miura has an amazing surprise

This Lamborghini Miura has an amazing surprise

When you look at the picture, the Lamborghini Miura looks like another restored piece, perhaps with an unusual color and with surprisingly large rims.

At the same time, it is a replica. And this is the biggest misconception – based on the Pontiac Fiero.

One must admit, however, that it differs greatly from the “replica on the Fiero”. Only someone who studies the history of Lamborghini will know that this is not a real Miura. Both finish and proportions are very good. However, it shouldn’t be, since the wheelbase is the same. No, the Miura and Fiero were not equal in this regard – replica designers moved the front beam and wheels about 13 cm forward to achieve the correct dimensions. The bonnet bends nicely and the headlights also rise like an Italian icon.

When you look inside, the biggest difference in nature is the materials used. Here, too, each panel has been recreated to mimic the original. The tubes on which the clocks are located or the central console are made 1: 1 as in Lamborghini.. Miura – Fiero even has a switch on the roof, just like the Italian model. Just used leather looks “modern” in nature. There are also some details that distinguish the cars.

The original Miura had a V12. And here?

Replicas often use the original donor engines. This is a bad sign. When something is based on a Fiero, it has a “four” inside or a V6. Nor was that power. The Miura, meanwhile, had a V12 that sounded great and offered adequate performance.

Our replica also got a new engine. It’s … LS3. So the 6.2 liter V8 from GM magazines. In this case, the designers put them at about 500 hp. There is also a manual gearbox, but it is not clear if it is from the Fiero (I doubt it) and rather not from the Lamborghini.


So it looks, sounds and goes. Is it a full copy? Yes, the car even has one genuine Lamborghini part. It’s a lock on the door. However, he did not oppose the amendment – now it is controlled by the main lock.

In many meetings, this Miura would make a mess and only after the sound of the V8 (and the fact that the body is made of fiberglass) would most people know that it is not original. But still, the scale and accuracy of the work that has led to this effect should be appreciated.