This luxury German SUV is now an affordable used car

This luxury German SUV is now an affordable used car

Yes, you also want an SUV, like many others, but not just one. Such a car is of course beautiful and beautiful, but you want to ride in a car that evokes compliments, no questions asked. You want a big, state-of-the-art phone from a German brand that no one can miss. This event is a good choice.

The type of used car is very large. You can find cheap used cars everywhere at the dealership, through and even on Facebook. Autovisie selects the three best used cars in the segment each week.

20,000 euro event

This week we will look for a used car for a maximum of 20,000 euros; SUV in the upper segment. Don’t you love the Mercedes-Benz GLA? Then watch the event on Tuesday or Thursday.

Mercedes-Benz GLA (2014 – 2017)

If you ‘fall’ for a star, there is no other brand. The interior of the GLA is already nice and spacious, although the luggage space is a disappointing 421 litres. It’s surprising how far back the front seats can be, which means that even ‘many people’ can sit comfortably here. Of course it will be a little tight in the back. Engine-wise, the 200 with 115 hp/156 hp is already a lot of fun to drive, but more sound and more power make it even better to drive.

Mercedes-Benz GLA, event, SUV
(Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

The seven-speed automatic transmission keeps the speed nice and low and thus contributes to comfort. A good example is the GLA 250 with many accessories in black (2014, 132,000 km) which is available at the car company De Bilt for 19,950 euros. This used car is now sold.

You should consider this when buying a used car

There is only one known problem with this GLA and we also know this from other Mercedes of this generation. The engine then won’t start, when it sounds like the drive is ‘kicking in’… but it doesn’t turn. The reason is to resist breakdown on the good battery terminal.

Skoda Kodiaq is so spacious that you can get lost in it

With the help of starting it works, but every time the engine has to be started it is an old story again. So…quickly go to the garage and have a new resistor installed. What? Want to know everything about the reliability of this used car? Then see the shopping guide here.

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