This Mazda RX-7 got the V12 from the Pagani Zonda

This Mazda RX-7 got the V12 from the Pagani Zonda

It is better to work together than against each other. Tuners Genius Minds of Kyza, Live to Offend and Gooichi Motos thought so too. Together they came to this creation: Mazda RX-7 with Mercedes V12 engine. Indeed, the same M120 engine that is also in the Pagani Zonda. And we all know what that great cylinder twelve can sound like.

This project starts with another, unusual car. A customer with a Mercedes V12 wants his engine to sound like an F1 car. Before that, the filters started working in the exhaust layer; by making each exhaust pipe the same length, you can give the V12 its unique sound. You can do this, for example, with old S classes with the same engine.

Filters buy an extra engine for this project to make more smoke out of the car. This saves another V12 from the car. But what do you do with the leftover V12 when the job is done? Right, you put it on the Mazda RX-7. Although the original Wankel engine is small in size, there is enough space in the engine compartment to house twelve cylinders.

Why RX-7?

Usually a lot of people get upset when you remove a Wankel engine from an RX-7, but in this case we think even the biggest purists can appreciate this project. Tuners don’t know exactly how much power their redesigned Zonda engine produces, but they estimate it to be between 850 to 1,000 hp.

What they do know is that the V12 backfires more than the Zonda’s. Pagani ran at a speed of 8,500 rpm, this creation reaches 9,000 rpm. Filters also plan to put a V12 in the BMW Z4. We look forward to that.