This old T1 bus could do much of that with Volkswagen’s electronic ID.  Buzz cannot

This old T1 bus could do much of that with Volkswagen’s electronic ID. Buzz cannot

Volkswagen is currently under the use of a new ID. buzz. The manufacturer has not yet forgotten his legacy, as evidenced by the recently completed restoration of the 60-year-old T1 Raupen-Fux with 12 wheels (!).

In addition to the arrival of the Volkswagen.Buzz electronic ID, Wolfsburgers will also be celebrating in 2022 that Ben Pon put his iconic Volkswagen car on paper 75 years ago. An unknown dialect, but not less than the iconic specifics Volkswagen T1 this is Raupen-Fux. In other words, the Caterpillar Fox. The four-axle machine was built in 1962 at the Hanover factory as a standard car, after which it found its way to its first Austrian owner.

T1 van for hunters and forestry

There he did his usual Transporter stuff for a while, until Viennese car mechanic and alpinist Kurt Kretzner started working on it. He sought a means of transportation that could lead hunters, forest hunters, snowmobile maintenance technicians and doctors to wounded slippers to the most uninhabited parts of the mountains. In summer and winter, which meant that the car was able to handle all the rocky paths and slippery snowy slopes.

Volkswagen van like four-acre ground monster

In this sense, Kretzner transformed the charming Bulli into a four-acre land monster in a span of four years. Two rear axles attached to the chains bring the power of a 1.2-liter boxing engine to the road surface through four 13-inch wheels and tracks – equipped. Raupen-Fux runs with two front axles, with a total of eight 14-inch wheels and flat ground tires. Thanks to a rotation of only 10 meters, the extreme T1 bus can be easily guided between trees and rocks.

Different locks

In addition to the tracks, small sliding variants also contribute to slippery surfaces. Caterpillar fox is not fast: at 35 km / h the appetite forward stops. However, in many places where this sharp T1 is coming, every other car has been disappointed for a long time.

Kretzner was reportedly building a second Raupen-Fux car, but the project was shut down. Although it also seems there has been a third half complete copy.

Raupen-Fux Restoration

This old T1 bus could do much of that with Volkswagen's electronic ID.  Buzz cannot

In the 1990s, the Caterpillar Fox was purchased by the Porsche Museum in Gmünd. Then it ended with a group of Bulli lovers who made the first attempt to recover. Four years ago, the department of classics Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles acquired a car, where they soon began to restore the total.

The 60-year-old body was completely stripped, repaired and then galvanized and the original technology was also restored to its former glory. So it was time for a test: can Raupen-Fux handle any area and any surface? The pictures show that. In fact, the test driver wanted to give up before Bulli was too old!