This Opel Kadett will surprise many.  The German tuner had a fantasy

This Opel Kadett will surprise many. The German tuner had a fantasy

The name Kadette is more interesting to me, but let’s leave his name Arzt. In any case, this German tuner became famous for the construction of the hybrid Golf I and the Porsche 928 and many other strange models. In 1989, the Opel Kadett E went to the workshop and the Cordett was created. Opel / Chevrolet Corvette combination.

Opel Kadett, but in surprising numbers

I must admit that Arzt handled the subject very professionally and with a line of least resistance. From a distance, the Cordett resembles the Opel Kadett series. Well, almost serial because it is “closed” by force. It is wider and longer. The characteristic rims show a lot – by the way, they became characteristic later, as part of the “German style” modification. And these are the standard rims for the 4th generation Corvette.

Exactly. This Opel Kadett looks amazing from the side, where you can see the characteristic number of the Corvette C4, which was used as a basis. Especially the front part is shortened.

The Cordett is based on an early 1984 Corvette. The engine is newer. The old, weak L83 unit was replaced by the later – L98. Thanks for this The Kadett has a powerful 5.7 V8 engine transferred to the rear axle. With what power? It had 243hp in series, but the Arzt-Kadett is said to have 304hp, thanks to a fairly standard modification. From Callaway America.

Well, I mentioned that Arzt designed the Cordett on a line of least resistance. Because they actually took an Opel body and put it on a Chevrolet frame. The car has everything from a Corvette, including how the hood opens “in front”. The Kadett also has the interior from the American coupe. The only modifications are the upper part of the dashboard and the famous “haversack” in front of the passenger, which has given way to the usual glove box.


Performance? Sources say the Cordett was able to reach 255 kilometers per hour and “hundred” broke after 6 seconds. (I got information from 5.6 to 6.5 seconds). So the same with donors. However, the price was much higher – Arzt’s Kadett cost 240,000 markswhich by 1989 was an astronomical amount.

No wonder it was probably written in only one copy. On the other hand – we would like to have a ride with it and we respect the company for the “rich” modification. Or a good seller.