This Sarthe-trained mechanic won, together with his team, the motorcycle 24 Hours of Le Mans

This Sarthe-trained mechanic won, together with his team, the motorcycle 24 Hours of Le Mans

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Sacha Collet, front, with BMW motorcycle n°9. ©Evann Lochon

Last time 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcyclesolid Tecmas Racing Teamwon in the category Superstock. Three drivers contributed to the success of the BMW n°9: Jan Buhn, Loic Arbel And Kenny Foray. But behind this victory is the whole team. Among them, 26 year old manager, Sacha Collett.

He is unknown in Sable-sur-Sarthe because he spent several years in the garage Picard motorcycle. He did his first training there during his baccalaureate in car maintenance and motorcycle options.

He studies in Picard motos

At first Sacha Collet was not interested in the competition. “It was Manu, my training supervisor, who suggested I go see a race. This is where I started in the racing world. Then I completed the BTS of aftermarket cars at CFA in Le Mans”, recounts the young man.

During his BTS, he did his apprenticeship at Picard motos and worked for a few months in the company that is now managed by Vincent Picard. In total, Sacha Collet spent approx 5 years in the business of sabotage. The young man has been in touch with his old colleagues, sometimes seeing them again at races such as the Motorcycle 24 Hours.

Adopted by the Suzuki youth team

A man from Silver-Cold-corrupted, in Mayenne, took up the competition by joining the Le Mans Sud Suzuki youth team. With Damien Saulnier in particular, as a trainer, the motorcycle mechanic learns a lot. “We have a whole year in the team. Work is what I am doing now. I learned many things, it is also a school of life. »

At the end of his studies, he joined the CIP in Alès led by Alain Bronec. He is the workshop manager of the team that changes in fire 3. Then, he lands in Bourges at the very beginning of the year 2020. He becomes the workshop manager of the Tecmas Racing Team. “We do the French Superbike Championship. We won it last year with Kenny Foray. We also have six other pilots. We also do endurance races. Among them therefore the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but also Francorchamps business and A bowl of gold.

The important role of the technician

The work of the technician is very important. At the beginning of the season, he must change the original motorcycle on a racing bike. Then, it is important to regularly check the motorcycle. “We try to do everything ourselves within the company. »

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As a workshop manager, he has to manage the schedule, see that everything is done well. “We have to be very precise in our signals, there is a feeling to have them so that the rider has confidence in his bike. »

During the race the mechanics do a lot of visual checks. In endurance racing, there are some tricks to be done: changing tires, brakes and filling up the fuel. For each task, try to go as fast as possible. “If we lose 3 seconds behind, it is difficult for the driver to get them back on the track. » If a problem occurs, the technician may have to make repairs.

“The benefits of not working for nothing”

But then what do you feel when the motorcycle you caressed crosses the line in the first place? “Already, we feel very tired, because it is a big week of preparation. It is also a great relief not to work for free for a week. »

Sacha Collet still sees himself rarely progressing in the specialized world of competition.

“We are playing in the championship, we have a good chance, that is what makes us tremble. If I was a team that couldn’t win a race, I wasn’t very interested, that’s for sure. »

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