This shows that the Ford Explorer (2024) is a Volkswagen.4 ID in secret (the price is now known as well)

This shows that the Ford Explorer (2024) is a Volkswagen.4 ID in secret (the price is now known as well)

This is the electric Ford Explorer (2024) and we highlight the similarities and differences with the Volkswagen ID.4. Both electric SUVs are based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, but they look different. Even more surprising: the price of the Ford Explorer also differs significantly from that of the Volkswagen ID.4.

Ford Explorer is a fully electric SUV and competes with cars like Volkswagen ID.4, Hyundai Ioniq 5 in Tesla Model Y. Depending on the version, its range is 384 to 602 km. You can choose from three power trains and a 15-inch graphic screen dominates the dashboard. There is something special going on with that screen: you can place it diagonally or completely vertically and this way it can be used as a cover for a safe storage compartment.

This shows that the Ford Explorer (2023) is a secret Volkswagen ID.4
This shows that the Ford Explorer (2023) is a secret Volkswagen ID.4

The design of the Ford Explorer does not indicate that it shares much technology with the Volkswagen ID.4. He has a very unique face: hard and futuristic with an American look. Explorer is written on the front and back. We prefer Ford’s new design to the fancy look of the ID.4.

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This shows that the Ford Explorer (2023) is a secret Volkswagen ID.4
This shows that the Ford Explorer (2023) is a secret Volkswagen ID.4

Ford Explorer (2023) and Volkswagen ID.4: similarities

Behind the wheel of the Ford Explorer, we immediately noticed several similarities: the light button panel looks familiar to us, as does the automatic transmission selector lever on the steering column. Digital instrument displays are also almost identical. And as with all ID models, the Navigator’s steering wheel is plagued by a bad case of touch buttons. There is a partial slider between the front seats, another Volkswagen feature.

Ford has its own plan

But Ford it also adds new ideas. Like the completely different dashboard, which feels more familiar but takes up more space than the smaller VW model. A speaker similar to a sound bar sits on top of the dashboard, in front of the driver. And then of course there’s that huge 15-inch screen, which you push down with your lip to access the ‘secret’ storage compartment.

In the back seat, the flat floor and ample legroom are amazing. A tall passenger sits comfortably behind a tall driver. In the floor of the trunk (450 to more than 1400 liters) we find a storage compartment for the charging cable. The charging port is unsurprisingly located at the back of the car – a Volkswagen spot.

This shows that the Ford Explorer (2023) is a secret Volkswagen ID.4

Ford Explorer (2024): range and power

Given its technical nature, it is not surprising that you can order the Explorer with rear-wheel drive (170 or 286 hp) or all-wheel drive (340 hp). Volkswagen also offers the same configuration and has an additional option: 286 hp and four-wheel drive. The browser has three driving modes: Normal, Eco and Sport.

The battery capacity is also similar to that of the Volkswagen ID.4, the smaller battery has a capacity of 52 kWh and the larger one has a capacity of 77 kWh.

Browser fast charging capabilities vary by version. The base RWD Range Edition tops out at 115 kW, the Extended Range goes up to 135 kW. The Extended Series with four-wheel drive charges faster (185 kW).

As with most EVs, you can stop charging automatically at 80 percent to save battery. For home or neighborhood charging, the Explorer has an 11 kW charger on board. Depending on the version, the range is 384 to 602 kilometers.

Ford Explorer (2024) price: cheaper than ID.4

Ford mentions a starting price of 41,450 euros. That is the price of the 170 hp Standard Range, with a 52 kWh battery and a range of 384 kilometers. This makes the Ford Explorer 3,540 euros cheaper than the Volkswagen ID.4 Pure with the same engine. So everyone goes to the Ford dealer? No, because he sends you home again, asking you to come back to 2025. That’s when the basic Inquisitor will come to Holland.

The Ford Explorer Extended Range of 286 hp (range: 602 km) can already be ordered and costs 45,950 euros. It has a 77 kWh battery pack. In the Volkswagen price list you will find the corresponding ID.4 Pro for 49,990 euros.

Both models also have a four-wheel drive version with no less than 340 hp. At Ford you pay 53,950 euros for this Extended Range AWD. Once again, the Volkswagen ID.4 is the more expensive of the two: the ID.4 GTX with 340 hp costs 60,990 euros. A difference of more than 7,000 euros!

There will be a ‘regular’ Explorer and an Explorer Premium. You pay 3,000 euros more for all Premium versions, regardless of the driving style. The luxury version has heated seats and a steering wheel and a speaker similar to the sound bar on the dashboard. 20-inch alloys are standard, as is an electrically operated tailgate that you can open with the flick of your foot and a matrix with anti-flash mode.

Even the Premium Explorer versions are all cheaper than the Volkswagen ID.4. It’s absolutely amazing.

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