‘This year we will kill the heat engines’.  Musk declares war on Europe

‘This year we will kill the heat engines’. Musk declares war on Europe

Tesla is ready to dominate the world market with the aim of giving a big blow to the heating industry. The American company owned by Elon Musk is recording alarming sales data in this year 2023 and the road seems to be tracked.

Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in Europe for Q1 2023 and most likely Tesla Model Y itself will be the best-selling car in the world in 2023, so the company’s goal is sink more and more sales of the competitionstarting with cars with internal combustion engines.

Although Europe would seem to be more attentive to what is happening in the East, with China gaining the largest share of the market, Tesla considers the Old Continent a great opportunity for growth and economic growth. continued reduction of prices in our area I am a clear indication of that.

In Europe Tesla has only one production center, famous GigaBerlin it opened last year in Grünheide in Brandenburg, but there are delivery centers, showrooms and sales areas everywhere.

And that the Old Continent is in the adventures of Elon Musk can be understood from the latest video conferencereported by Teslamagwhere executives outlined their goal of rapid growth in 2023, showing various slides including one that read: “This year we will kill ICE cars”where ICE stands for “Internal Combustion Engine”, precisely, internal combustion engines.

In Europe cars a Petrol and diesel are still the rage also because, if on the one hand there are Nordic countries where electricity is a reality, on the other hand there are some countries such as Italy where EVs have not yet caught on for various reasons.

And the price lists that have been increasing”cut yourself“, The case of the Tesla Model 3 is an example, which today costs around 30 thousand euros in Lombardy thanks to a double incentive, the feeling is that Musk’s car can be. more and more also on the roads of our country and generally those of Europe.