Three advantages of Audi electric cars compared to Tesla —

Three advantages of Audi electric cars compared to Tesla —

We are going to analyze three advantages of Audi electric cars with respect to Tesla models: quality of finishes, technology and after-sales service.

Currently, we can find a more or less wide range of electric vehicles in the automobile market, especially premium brands. Today we want to focus on two of them and highlight three advantages of Audi’s electric cars compared to Tesla.

Tesla is the brand of electric cars par excellence, the one that opted for this technology from the outset and, since its foundation, has only manufactured battery-powered vehicles. A propulsion system that, with the passage of time and technological evolution, has been improving.

The rest of the manufacturers, especially European ones, began their electrification process over the past decade. At first, they were following the American brand, but they have ended up overtaking it in some aspects. And this is precisely what we are going to analyze next.

Before proceeding further, it should be made clear that all Tesla electric cars have been on the market for many years. The Model S, for example, is a 2012 model, though it has undergone several updates. The Model X is from 2015, Model Y is from 2016, and the Model 3 arrived in 2018.

Therefore, they are vehicles that have become obsolete in many sections, while Audi has a much more modern range of electric cars.

Advantages of Audi electric cars compared to Tesla: quality of finishes

Tesla’s electric cars suffer from a deficit in terms of interior finishes, but it’s not unique to Tesla, it’s common among American manufacturers.

Traditionally, American brands have not paid too much attention to the quality of the finishes or, at least, not at the same level as in Europe. Here we do look more at the level of adjustments and the quality of the materials used to cover the passenger compartment.

In this sense, Audi is a brand that has always been accustomed to doing things very well, with high-quality interiors, use of materials that are pleasant to the touch and a high level of fit of the different pieces. A feature that has been transferred to its electric cars.

We cannot say either that Tesla models are poorly manufactured or that the quality is bad, but it does not correspond to a car of that price level.

technological equipment

Another advantage of Audi’s electric cars compared to Tesla is found in the technological equipment. Despite the fact that Tesla boasts of technology (and has reasons for it), it is behind the brand with the four rings.

It is true that Tesla vehicles have very minimalist and technological interiors, in which elements such as the huge touch screen on the dashboard stand out, from where absolutely all aspects of the vehicle are controlled, but the equipment is more scarce.

If we take the most modern model as a reference, the Tesla Model 3which received an update in 2020, the basic equipment includes seats with leather upholstery, dual-zone climate control, keyless entry and start, glass roof, 18-inch wheels and Full-LED headlights.

After the update, it has a wireless charger, a ventilation system in the seats, the electric opening of the tailgate and auxiliary cameras to improve visibility.

To all this, we must add a common element in all Tesla models, such as the well-known system Autopilot semi-autonomous driving, whose operation has been updated over time, but has also been the subject of all kinds of controversies.

Of course, a point in favor of Tesla is its supercharger networkwhich allow the battery to be recharged up to a power of 250 kW, which translates into an energy shot in a few minutes. However, there are Audi models, such as the e-tron GT, that you can charge to 270 kW. Another thing is that there are chargers in Spain that reach that power.

Instead, Audi electric cars have more advanced technological equipment. For example, they can equip matrix headlights with laser light and driving aids that work better than on Tesla vehicles.

Network of workshops and after-sales service

Finally, another advantage of Audi’s electric cars over Tesla is in the quality of the after-sales service and in the workshop network available for repairs and maintenance operations.

The German brand has been in our market for many decades and there are official dealers and workshops distributed throughout the Spanish geography. Tesla has just arrived, as they say, and it is normal that it does not have the same infrastructure.

Different is the after-sales service and, here, the American manufacturer clearly loses out. There have been many Tesla users who have complained about the brand’s service when it comes to making repairs as simple as changing a glass, which require leave the car in the workshop for several weeks, even months, when it comes to more complex repairs.

Not to mention the Tesla monopoly in the repair of their cars, which forces customers to go to the official service and pay high bills, unlike other brands, whose owners can go to any specialized workshop.


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