Three arrested following police pursuit in Massachusetts

Three arrested following police pursuit in Massachusetts

Massachusetts state police apprehended three individuals following a high-velocity pursuit that began in the early morning hours of Monday.

The pursuit, which was initiated in response to a reported disturbance, came to a closing after the vehicle, containing the three suspects, was intercepted by police.

Officers reported that the suspects had exhibited a great degree of technical acuity while evading law enforcement, as they navigated their way through a complex network of roads.

The chase, which spanned across multiple jurisdictions, was eventually terminated after police deployed a specialized containment tactic, which resulted in the apprehension of the three suspects.

The individuals, whose identities have yet to be disclosed, are currently being held in police custody pending an investigation into the incident.

The Massachusetts State Police Department has yet to make a formal statement regarding the pursuit or the arrest of the three individuals involved.

An official with the department noted, however, that law enforcement was satisfied with the manner in which the pursuit was executed and that the apprehension of the suspects had been accomplished without incident.