three reliable mid-size cars for 10,000 euros

three reliable mid-size cars for 10,000 euros

A car is a means of transportation. Action! Four doors and a tailgate are a must. Moreover… he has to do it, for many years to come, without too much cost and certainly no unexpected trouble. These are three reliable mid-size cars for 10,000 euros.

Kia Cee’d (2012 – 2018)

No, don’t be fooled, Kia’s GDI engine is not a diesel despite that ‘D’. The A 1.6 GDI is still a good and modern engine: quiet, smooth and powerful enough. In practice, it gets about 1 in 14 uses. The Cee’d is a little roomier inside, but how often do adults sit in the back? The cargo space is large at 380 liters. In addition, the Cee’d has excellent suspension comfort. A nice feature is that the power steering can be adjusted to suit three positions. Small point: the engine temperature is not ‘normal’ as shown on the dashboard. in Winschoten to the seller from another brown brand 1.6 ‘ComfortLine’ (2014, 119,000 km) for € 9,999.

(Photo: Kia)


‘Cheap is expensive’ always applies to car maintenance. A Kia is a very high quality product and will remain so, as long as timely and professional maintenance is carried out. If not, problems may occur that could have been prevented. It is known that the stop-start system sometimes does not work on cars that drive very short distances. This is because the capacity of the battery decreases significantly. The solution is very simple: go for a long drive, so that the battery can ‘charge’ properly again, but you can’t call this ‘bad luck’.

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Mazda 3 (2008 – 2013)

Mazda has placed the 3 ‘stiff’ on the street, with strong suspension and shock absorption. As a result, it ‘leads’ very well, but driving comfort is not the strongest point. Due to the active suspension, the rolling noise of the tires is also clearly heard in the interior. It has very comfortable front seats and the interior is quite spacious. With a capacity of 340 liters, the luggage compartment is not small, but slightly smaller than the two competitors on this page. The 1.6 liter engine is good for its job and runs an average 1 to 14. A good 3 is not hard to find. Bee car company in Kaatsheuvel there is a silver-grey 1.6 ‘GT-M Line’ (2011, 108,000 km) for €9,450.

(Photo: Mazda)


The stop / start system uses two 12 Volt batteries. Over the years, one of the two can give up the ghost. Timely replacement of the battery before it reaches its end prevents this. Mazda’s rear tires have a ‘cup’ character, which makes a lot of noise. This can only be prevented by exchanging the front and rear tires during a major service. As a result, they also wear more frequently and all four need to be replaced at the same time. But yes, shoe soles also wear out, right?

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Nissan Pulsar (2014 – 2018)

We can scream, but it’s too late: the Nissan Pulsar is a complete failure. No one understands why this model is being sold poorly. To begin with, the interior is surprisingly spacious, four adults fit perfectly and the luggage space with a minimum of 385 liters is larger than three. The front seats are a little flat, but the Pulsar is very comfortable to drive. The whole operation is not a secret to anyone. Moreover, the 1.2 liter engine is powerful enough for almost all Pulsar drivers and achieves only 1 out of 15 to 16. Nice Pulsar. it is easy to find. For example, there is a white car 1.2 ‘Acenta’ (2016, 72,000 km) in a car dealership in Nijmegen for €9,995.

Nissan Pulsar
(Photo: Nissan) (Photo: Nissan)


Nissan is also a product of great quality, which does not break easily with regular maintenance. The 1.2 liter engine has an adjustable camshaft. You can forget about it, it makes the engine run better, but it seems to happen that the fix doesn’t work anymore. The engine then misfires and the inevitable engine failure indicator lights up on the dashboard. Well, then visiting the garage is necessary, but do not be afraid, it is not as strange as it may seem.

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What event will it be?

A ‘bad’ choice cannot be made here, but we have to choose. The main thing is that Nissan’s unpleasantness works in its favor here: for the same money you buy a small car with fewer kilometers, which is also more economical and spacious. Buy and drive is the motto, until the inevitable end. That can take years!

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