Three thieves were arrested: who owns the stolen goods?  – Street

Three thieves were arrested: who owns the stolen goods? – Street

After the arrest of a gang of thieves at the beginning of December in the investigation area of ​​”Alfa”, the police turned to the public to bring stolen goods to their rightful owners. It is mainly jewelry, watches, clothes and tools. Around 230 yet-to-be-released shows can be viewed at Internet be considered.

Between October and December 2022, more than a dozen thefts occurred in the area of ​​responsibility of the Heidekreis, Celle and Lüneburg/Uelzen/Lüchow-Dannenberg police stations related to the crime. Three suspects from Georgia were arrested on December 9 after a robbery in Ebstorf. The officers found stolen goods worth about 180,000 euros in the car. During searches at residential addresses in the Celle district, investigators found more items. The total damage is estimated at around 220,000 euros. In the Heidekreis, the crime scenes were Munster, Soltau and Hodenhagen.

The responsible police departments and the Central Criminal Police Service are available on (05191) 93800 for questions or information.


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