Thuringia: Horror-Chash!  A BMW punctured by a tractor fork

Thuringia: Horror-Chash! A BMW punctured by a tractor fork

Violent events on the B7 in Thuringia! There was a fatal traffic accident between a tractor and a BMW 1 Series on Thursday morning. The car was punctured by a loading fork and badly damaged.

It is almost a miracle that the BMW driver (30) was only slightly injured. How did the terrible accident in Thuringia happen?

A terrible accident on the B7 in Thuringia

The tractor was traveling on the B7 from Mönchenholzhausen towards Utzberg at around 9.40 am, a police spokesman confirmed when asked by Thüringen24. At Napoleonstein he was about to turn left onto a farm lane when a BMW shot him from behind. It seems he wanted to pass the tractor and ignored the solid line to do so.

Then there was a loud bang. Photos from the crash site give an idea of ​​how violent the collision was. After the accident, the 1 Series was badly damaged. It’s hard to imagine, but the driver managed to get out of the car. He was taken to the Weimar clinic in an ambulance.

The BMW was unrecognizable after a fatal accident on the B7 in Thuringia. Photo: John Krey

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