Thursday: Tesla and a record year, Trump is allowed to return to Facebook and Instagram

Thursday: Tesla and a record year, Trump is allowed to return to Facebook and Instagram

Tesla has never had high sales, operating profit and net profit. Electric cars were produced in unprecedented numbers. But the company warns of uncertain times. However, he would like to increase production quickly. Meanwhile, Meta Platforms made an important decision. Soon Trump will be allowed to post on your social media again – because he is an important politician. But not everything is allowed for the former president. It is also unclear if he wants to participate again. Cyber ​​security, on the other hand, is an issue in Germany that politicians in Berlin have addressed. Because the expert says that the level of digital competence of decision makers is at the level of a fax machine – the most important messages in a nutshell.

Tesla it thrives beautifully. In the fourth quarter, the electric car manufacturer 37 percent more implemented than the previous year: 24.3 billion US dollars. The company has that amount never in a quarter done. Tesla made most of its sales from its electric car division, the remainder from the sale of tax credits and other ventures, particularly batteries and solar cells. of Operating profit has increased by half,, Net profit even at 59 percent. Tesla shares rose 5.5 percent after financial results were announced: Tesla reports record year, already planning for next.

donald trump he can reopen soon if he wants Instagram and Facebook Post it. The operator group has that MetaPlatforms it was announced on Wednesday. “The public should hear what their politicians have to say,” explains the meta manager. But that makes sense not complete freedom for idiots. “If there is a clear risk of harm in the real world, we will intervene,” he promised. However, this limit is set high on purpose. It remains to be seen how long and to what extent Trump will be involved in social media Meta: Meta is leaving Trump behind on Instagram and Facebook.

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Even if the attacks increase: Germany wants to continue to protect itself when it comes to cyber security. However, this needs to be established better. of Digital Committee dealt with Duties and possibilities in the Federal Republic of Germany. Before that, the Digital Committee had invited experts such as the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information and an expert from the Kritis working group and asked them to answer 18 questions about cyber security: Cyber ​​security in Germany – get the ball rolling. rolling, but not throwing.

German cyber security was not compromised in this case: Dutch investigators have one someone arrested,, stealing and selling personal information from millions of people around the world it should have. There are serious doubts that the prisoner has long-term confidential data, including patient data from medical records, offered for sale. It is said to be about data from people from the Netherlands, Austria, Thailand, Colombia, China and the UK, as well complete the Austrian population register: Austrian medical files and population register sold – Dutch arrested.

Does it concern them? Digitization of administration, is not everywhere as bad as is often reported. But there is a big gap between the big cities: while in Nuremberg 14 out of 15 selected applications can be submitted online, in Potsdam only one. Well, since the beginning of the year, everyone should Authorities also provide their services online take that out However, the goal was clearly missed. 35 services which were prioritized last time cannot be accessed online by citizens as well. We will discuss why this is and if things are going well Live today starting at 12 pm in the new episode of #heiseshow: Digital management – what Germany can learn from Nuremberg.

Also important:

  • According to the Presidency of the Swedish Council, encrypted communication is one of the main challenges for prosecutors. He wants to take measures to deal with: “Going Dark” – Swedish EU Council leaders launch an attack on encryption.
  • The auto industry wants to deal with the coming recession with a series of new models. The range of electric vehicles in particular is greatly expanded, as shown by car innovations for 2023, part two: what the car industry is planning.
  • The Microsoft cloud service did not work well on the morning of January 25. Meetings about the team did not actually start, other Microsoft 365 programs were loaded slowly: Microsoft Outlook, Teams & Co. – Disabled apps and functionality.
  • Microsoft wants to target the user base of Office 2013 and beyond. Unfortunately, the fact that he will soon receive an offer of 365 that he cannot refuse is obvious, says our opinion about the number of Office: the fear of Microsoft nagware for good reason.
  • The police union GdP highlights the problems of e-scooters, but also admits that there are generally too few resources to monitor traffic: According to GdP, drivers of e-scooters should wear helmets.
  • A 50-year-old problem in theoretical computer science—known as P versus NP—still has no solution. This could change the history of IT: P vs. NP – How researchers want to answer the ultimate question in computer science.
  • Xpeng is considered a pioneer in autonomous driving and charging technology. They see their new SUV G9 as the next big step in the field of electric cars: the Chinese car manufacturer Xpeng and its amazing weapon – the next generation.
  • Private media complain that the number of users of illegal TV streams has doubled. Who are the users and why billions in damages are caused by TV piracy: 5.9 million Germans watch the tube illegally.


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