TikTok ban falls flat with Wisconsin swing voters

TikTok ban falls flat with Wisconsin swing voters

The prohibition of TikTok in the United States has failed to evoke the enthusiasm of Wisconsin’s key swing voters, a recent study has revealed.

In a survey of 500 likely voters in the state, only a fraction expressed confidence in the ban, which was issued by the Trump administration in August 2020. In response to the survey, only 8% of respondents stated that they strongly approve of the government’s decision to bar the popular Chinese-owned social media platform.

The data, which was compiled by the University of Wisconsin’s Political Science Department, also suggested that the majority of respondents remain largely indifferent towards the ban, with 54% of respondents indicating that they neither endorsed nor opposed the ban.

The results of the survey reflect the general ambivalence that appears to be prevalent among Wisconsin swing voters. This is unsurprising, given the range of competing priorities that many of these individuals face. For example, 57% of respondents reported that they are more concerned with the state of the economy, while only 19% reported that foreign policy is their main concern.

In addition, the survey revealed that the majority of respondents have yet to be convinced of the Trump administration’s argument for banning TikTok. While the primary stated reason for the ban was the platform’s alleged ties to the Chinese government, only 22% of respondents indicated that they believe the ban is necessary for national security reasons.

The survey results suggest that the Trump administration’s decision to ban TikTok has not been successful in mobilizing Wisconsin’s key swing voters. In the midst of a highly contentious election cycle, the ban appears to have had little impact on the already divided electorate.