Tim Van Parijs puts the trusty Porsche aside for the Renault Clio Trophy: “Let’s see if we can still do something with the young violence” (Oudenaarde)

Tim Van Parijs puts the trusty Porsche aside for the Renault Clio Trophy: “Let’s see if we can still do something with the young violence” (Oudenaarde)

Rally BK East Belgian Rally

Tim Van Parijs (r.) and Jochen Claerhout will compete in the Renault Clio Rally5 for the event. © RR

Oudenaarde / Avelgem

The East Belgian Rally Championship announces the final of the Belgian championship this weekend. Tim Van Parijs is a regular customer in Sankt-Vith, but this time the Oudenaarde resident is not seen at first with his trusty Porsche. Together with Avelgemnaar Jochen Claerhout participates in the Renault Clio Trophy. “We thought it would be fun to travel among young people,” it reads.

Jeroen D’hulster

With the Monte Carlo Rally, Rally of Sardinia and Ypres Rally, Tim Van Parijs has already completed three World Cup rallies this season. “The Monte Carlo rally is always good,” says the 50-year-old coachbuilder. “It’s just a shame we crashed there. We may have underestimated Sardinia a bit. In retrospect, the track was too brutal for the Renault Clio Rally4 we were driving . We were really disappointed and due to the cancellation we also couldn’t do seven or eight stages. We drove the Porsche to Ypres, but because the wheel broke on the left rear on the first day, we had to finish through the SuperRally. We still finished second in the class GT, but of course that’s not right.”

In the Belgian East Championship, Van Parijs leaves Porsche aside to return to the advertising formula. “Kurt Heyndrickx, my regular co-driver and sponsor for eighteen years, is also active in horse racing, but was prevented from doing so this weekend due to competition,” Van Parijs continues. “It turned out to be a great opportunity to ride with Jochen Claerhout. We had talked about doing this for a long time. We thought it would be fun to drive among the youngsters in the Renault Clio Cup and see what we still deserve. (laughs) We’ll see if we can still do something in the middle of that young violence.”

Event participation

Van Parijs is due to compete in the Clio Trophy against Benoit Verlinde, the poulain of Claerhout, and his new fellow villager Casper Nielsen. “I didn’t even know that he now lives in Oudenaarde, but he is definitely a fast pilot. We will see where we stand or where we end up. We will do our best, but most of all we want to have fun. In fact, we don’t have much to lose. It will be a regular participation in the Trophy. Next week I will again be at the start of the Aarova Championship with Kurt in the Porsche. Always look forward to the game here. The track is one kilometer away from my shop. There are two tests here and two new, good tests in Ronse. It will definitely be fun”, concludes Van Parijs.