Tire Pressure: Official Report by Danny Aldridge / MotoGP

Tire Pressure: Official Report by Danny Aldridge / MotoGP

Disputes about tire pressure have dominated the headlines in recent days. Danny Aldridge, Technical Director of the MotoGP World Competition, gives an explanation.

Since the Michelin table, which was not intended for the public, was published by the Spanish GP, which showed that, among others, the winner of the Jerez Pecco Bagnaia competed in all races with flat tires, the violence has intensified. Ducati even convened a short press conference with race boss Gigi Dall’Igna on Tuesday evening, and Bagnaia made a statement at a press conference on Thursday.

Now Dorna has also responded and published a statement from MotoGP Technical Director Danny Aldridge to clarify: “In collaboration with MSMA and at the request of MSMA, the Technical Directorate of the World Championships is currently in the process of adopting a new protocol. tire pressure. This procedure must include the activation of the detector connected to the receiver system because it is the only way to have reliable authentication data. “

“In addition, a comprehensive protocol has been discussed with MSMA on how the new regulations will be implemented and it has been unanimously agreed that it will not be implemented before the start of the 2023 season,” the statement said.

Dall’Igna also stressed Tuesday that this season is about collecting and tracking data in order to enact a applicable law to check tire pressure by 2023.

Aldridge: “This protocol has been approved within the MSMA on the condition that it be evaluated by all manufacturers in the 2022 season. To facilitate this assessment, all manufacturers have unanimously agreed to share the data of their drivers’ tires with all other manufacturers after each event. Since this data is provided voluntarily and the identifiers are individually corrected by each identifier, their accuracy cannot be verified at present. »

In addition, the statement stressed that Michelin as a tire distributor, the international motorcycle association FIM, the IRTA team, the MSMA developers’ union and World Cup promoter Dorna have agreed that the rules regarding tires will continue to be implemented by the Technical Director. Michelin, until the new system is ready to use.

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