to get closer to the GT3 RS

to get closer to the GT3 RS

Tuner Manthey-Racing has just delivered a new set of kit for the Porsche 911 GT3 that will allow it to break four seconds on the Nürburgring.

The Porsche 911 GT3 is already a unique car with incredible performance. It is one of the few sports cars capable of lapping the famous Nürburgring in less than seven minutes.

The only way to go fast with the GT3 is obviously to go for the GT3 RS, but order forms are now (already) hard to come by. Another solution, is also going to Manthey-Racing Performance and have special equipment installed, like the one offered by Porsche today.

High price but guaranteed

This kit has been specially developed for the 911 GT3 to make it livelier and faster on the track without compromising its ability to adapt to “Everyday Use”.

The price is obviously related to that of the GT3 (from 196,554 euros in France) and Manthey-Racing equipment is available nearby. €52,000 with its installation in the Porsche center confirmed by Manthey, all without affecting the vehicle’s factory warranty.

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Aerodynamics at its best

There have been several aerodynamic improvements, starting with a wider spoiler and smaller wings on the front fascia, which combine with other changes underneath to deliver more power to the front wheels. At the back, there is a big spoiler and a new direction. We also see the presence of aerodynamic rims for the rear wheels and a new diffuser with large fins made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

To make the most of the aerodynamic improvements, Manthey and Porsche worked together to create a suspension system to make the whole thing stiffer. Upgraded brake pads are available, but this is an inexpensive option. The wheels, meanwhile, demand 14,000 euros more to benefit from it.

Porsche says the Manthey Performance Kit saves money 4.1 seconds on the full circuit of the Nürburgring compared to the more “classic” model. In case you were wondering, that gives a time of 6:55.737, about six seconds faster than the new GT3 RS.