Tom Hanks’ Fiat 126p sold for around 360,000 zlotys

Tom Hanks’ Fiat 126p sold for around 360,000 zlotys

Auction Tom Hanks’ Fiat 126p expired on March 8, 2022. When we wrote about it at the beginning of the month, the maximum amount was 25 thousand. the hole In the end, the legend of the Polish car industry was sold for 83.5 thousand. the hole At the current exchange rate of the American currency, this gives more than 359 thousand. zlotys.

The famous actor is known for his big heart and it was already known that he would transfer the entire amount from the sale of the car to the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. Since 2012, he has been helping American war veterans and their families, and Tom Hanks is the patron of this foundation.

The Polish Fiat 126p, which went to the actor in 2017, was a direct result of Hanks’ Polish fans. They decided to give it to Toddler after the American actor liked the car so much during a trip around Europe that he started posting pictures of it on his social network. Poles gave him a car for the 61st birthday of the actor.

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It was a special, restored version of the Fiat 126p from 1974. The car was finished in an unusual way compared to the earlier Fiats from Poland from the 1970s. On the car for the actor there is also a plate “Fiat 126p Bielsko-Biała with Tom Hanks” and the description: “One of One”.

On the other hand, an aluminum plate with a quote from the movie “Forest Gump” was placed on the dashboard, and the buttons on the dashboard and doors were made by hand from the keys of an ancient typewriter. 70s-style leather upholstery is attached to the back of the seats, and one of them has additional candles. In addition, a classic dog with its head nodding while driving was placed on a shelf above the back seats.