Top 10 best-selling cars in the world in 2022: Toyota leads the way

Top 10 best-selling cars in the world in 2022: Toyota leads the way

Jato Research Reveals Global Car Sales Down 2%: Here Are The 10 Best Selling Cars In The World 2022

Toyota asserts itself as the world’s number one automaker, once again surpassing Volkswagen in the ongoing rivalry between automakers. From Jato’s analysis, it appears that in Top 10 of the 10 best-selling cars in the world in 2022 no Chinese manufacturers, despite what one might think, as it is a tick Tesla to benefit from a strong volume-focused strategy, further enhanced by price reductions in 2023. Here details of Jato’s survey of cars sold worldwide.


In 2022 are registered worldwide 79.4 million new carsless than 2% from 80.7 million units registered in 2021. Approx 1 of 4 cars was registered in the fastest growing markets: India, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa which accounted for 24% of global volumes. Growth that is countered by declining subscriptions in North America, Europe and China. “This decline can be attributed to two important factors”has announced Filipe MunozJATO Dynamics International Analyst. “First, ongoing supply disruptions and semiconductor shortages North America and Europe have led to a decrease in the availability of new cars, while sales in Chinathe largest market in the world, has weakened”.


In 2022, Toyota and The world’s best selling car brands, with 13% of the 100 new light vehicles purchased. The manufacturer increased its market share by 0.3% thanks to the results in Chinahis the first market ahead of the United States and Japan. Then there are:

  1. Volkswagen Group which recorded a 10% decline by international standards. Volkswagen remains the number one manufacturer Europewhile in China, which is the second largest market, sales decreased by 6% due to increased domestic competition.
  2. Hyundai-Kia has a good market position in Korea, India, North America and Europe and a sales distribution that at 71% covers 4 regions in the world.
  3. Stellantis reported total volume of 5.8 million units, down 10% worldwide and 14% in Europe. For Stellantis it isSouth America its first market.
  4. General Motors sold 4.6 million units and more performance due to Chevrolet which represents 62% of sales (excluding those of the Joint Venture with SAIC-Wuling).


Second JATO data referring to 53 marketssupplemented by further research and estimates of 95 other markets, the rise is immediately apparent Teslawhich has been able to put 2 models in Top 10 best selling cars in the world 2022. Immediately after Toyota Rav4 (over 1 million cars sold) and Toyota Corolla,, Tesla Model Y it is the best-selling electric car in the world and the third in the overall ranking. The Jato report below highlights how the decline is across the board, except for a few unions, such as Toyota Hilux (+13%) and Toyota Yaris Cross (+221%). Click the image below to view it full size.