Top 10 best selling cars in the world

Top 10 best selling cars in the world

Popularity and public acceptance have always brought a kind of license of reputation, which is why the types of cars that sell well are also considered by the community to be the best, or close to it. Felipe Munoz of Automotive Industry Analysis did some counting, pinpointing Top 10 best selling cars in the world in 2022. Want to know what they are? Continue reading.

Honda CR-V Hybrid e:HEV, test drive

Starting from the bottom, it closes the top ten best-selling brands in 2022 Tesla model 3 (our top test here), with 482,000 units sold worldwide, half of them in the US. Taking comes first Ford F-150, another very popular model in America, which reached 525,100 sales (97% of which in the USA). In the eighth place we find Toyota Corolla Cross (here our video test), and 530,000 units: a model launched only in 2021, which therefore gained its popularity very quickly. Seventh place for the Nissan Sentra, which we did not order: the pick-up came first Toyota Hilux, which takes its place without even being present in the US market, which is very greedy for pick-ups. Fifth place for Toyota Camryvery popular in North America, and just touching the podium is Honda CR-V (pictured above) with 733,000 units: this is our road test.

Tesla Model Y Performance: road test


At the lowest point of the podium we find an SUV – and this is not surprising – but for many it will be a surprise to discover that it is an electric car. The bronze medal goes to Tesla Model Y (here our video proof), which in 2022 reached 747,500 sales. Toyota Corolla gets the silver medal, with 992,000 units sold, while the winner of this particular classification is another Toyota: the RAV4, the only one to pass the million unit barrier with 1,016 units sold. More than a victory, it is a confirmation, considering that Toyota RAV4 it had also won gold in 2021. To be honest, its volume decreased by 10%, year after year, but this was not enough to remove it from the first place.

It is important to note that in the top ten they are comfortable Five Toyotas and two Teslas: the only electric cars to rise above this in the position. Four of the six best-selling cars in the world were sedansas SUVs, showing the fact that even if in Europe – and in Italy in particular – this type of bodywork is considered dead or dying on a commercial scale, it is not the case in today’s important markets such as. China and the United States. Perhaps Alfa Romeo was not entirely wrong to consider a three-volume body when it launched the Giulia.

Cover photo: Sami Boukal