Top 10: Cheapest electric cars in the US in 2023

Top 10: Cheapest electric cars in the US in 2023

The American market has a good supply of electric cars and the price is still, for the most part, far from the masses, with only three models under $30,000.

Two of these are from Chevrolet and one from Nissan, while in the range of up to US $ 40,000, the others are practically among the 10 most sold in the American market.

Only two models are at the top of the range and Tesla is out of the 10 cheapest electric cars in the United States, indicating to the brand that it needs a car under $30,000.

Another interesting fact from the list below, only two cars have an American brand and out of 10, only 4 are made in America.

Some are eligible for a $7,500 federal rebate, others get half of it. Under the new law, only Americans will get the benefits.

Check out the 10 cheapest electric cars in the US below:

10) Toyota bZ4X – $42,000

toyota bz4x 2022 1

One of the first electric cars from Toyota, the bZ4X is on the American market for a little less than the Tesla Model 3, which is not on the list.

With 218 horses in two electric motors, the Japanese crossover brand with 405 kilometers of freedom, giving attention to having a cockpit with a column on two levels, but putting the steering wheel instead of a stick.

9) Ioniq 5 – $41,450

Hyundai ioniq 5 1

As a crossover made in South Korea, the Ioniq 5 should not get bonuses, but it has impressive performance and autonomous reading, and a range of 488 km.

The Ioniq 5 has two sizes of lithium batteries and with its length of 4,635 m, width of 1,890 m, height of 1,605 m and wheelbase of 3,000 m, it has plenty of room for batteries.

8) Kia Niro EV – $39,550

kia niro 2022 5

A stylish crossover with three types of engines and that, unlike the two above, is also sold in Brazil, but in the HEV version, while in the United States the EV has 407 kilometers of autonomy.

Its 203 horsepower electric motor is sufficient for excellent performance and can be quickly charged at stations up to 77 kW.

7) Volkswagen ID.4 – US$ 38,995

vw id4 pro 4motion 4

Built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the VW ID.4 was nationalized for VW to gain more access to American consumers, however, the price is still high for its claims.

The mid-size SUV, the ID.4 has two variants, one with 204 horsepower at the rear axle and the other AWD with two engines producing 265 horsepower combined, with a range of 336 and 442 kilometers, respectively.

6) MINI Cooper SE – $34,225

limited partnership resolution 3

The British Cooper SE is also offered in Brazil and has less autonomy, but in the United States, it is higher in the classification of the EPA, which is the US environmental agency.

According to the EPA, the MINI Cooper SE has only 183 km of autonomy, a little to be a daily car outside the cities, however, with good performance, producing 184 horsepower and 27.5 kgfm.

5) Mazda MX-30 – $34,110

mazda mx 30 1

Designed to be a photo car, the Mazda MX-30 was designed for the Japanese brand to have an option in the electric segment, which is certainly not on its coast, with Subaru, for example.

With an attractive design, a good finish and a door configuration reminiscent of the BMW i3, the MX-30 has a shorter range than the Cooper SE: 160 km. It doesn’t attract many people so…

4) Hyundai Kona EV – $33,550

Hyundai corner 2024 2

The Kona EV is one of the biggest sales promises in the US, as Hyundai is focusing its production in the US and, being a mainstream electric vehicle, will not require a large investment.

It has a capacity of 203 horsepower and a range of 415 kilometers, which is good, however, as imported, its price is still high, exceeding 30,000 US dollars and far from the rival of the Leaf.

3) Nissan Leaf – $27,800

nissan leaf and 1

The Leaf is manufactured in Smyrna, Tennessee, which is one of four factories in the world that manufactures Nissan’s electric hatchback, the oldest electric model on the world market.

Priced below the Kona EV, it’s a solid performer with a range of 240 to 340 km, depending on the battery version, and 150 horsepower and 32.6 kgfm.

2) Chevrolet Bolt EUV – $27,800

bolt euv 2022 1

At the same price as the Leaf, the Bolt EUV is another strong player and will arrive this year in Brazil, where Nissan’s mid-size hatch has been sold for some time.

In the states, the Bolt crossover has a competitive price with a 203 horsepower engine, as well as 66 kWh batteries and 397 kilometers of range, which is good even for its proposal.

1) Chevrolet Bolt – $26,500

bolt ev 2023 6

Like EUV, Bolt is built in Lake Orion, Michigan, with the same propulsion configuration, but with a longer range, with 416 km in orbit. EPA.

In addition to being the lowest priced electric car in the US, the Bolt has gone through some struggles and is currently the autonomous vehicle operated by GM in San Francisco.