Top European charging power for Tesla Model S & X >

Top European charging power for Tesla Model S & X >

Tesla almost seemed to have forgotten its premium electric cars Model S and Model X in Europe. After the refresh presented in early 2021, it took almost half a year for customers to get the first new Model S even in North America, and everywhere else the dates for the restart were pushed back and forth. At the beginning of August, however, Tesla announced that at least the first Model S and Model X and the new Plaid car should be released in Europe before the end of the year. And now the previous models surprisingly received a significant increase in maximum charging capacity through a software update.

Upgrade Tesla with more charging power

In the US, the Model S and Model X were updated in June 2020 to a maximum of up to 225 kilowatts and then 250 kilowatts as in the Model 3 and Model Y volume models. In Europe, that didn’t happen at first. One problem was that only superchargers and third-party charging stations with CCS plugs deliver more than 150 kilowatts. The Model 3 and Model Y in Europe were designed for this from the start. For Model S and Model X, however, you need an adapter, and previously no output higher than about 140 kilowatts was available.

However, this has changed with the Tesla software version 2022.24.6 update from last week. Not mentioned in the description about it, but maybe first on the German stage Shortly after, a Model X owner from 2018 reported to Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) that the update has brought higher charging capacity. This was one of the models with the largest battery, but performances of more than 170 kilowatts were also reported for Teslas with 90 batteries. Similar reports from customers in other European countries with up to 190 kilowatts were followed on Twitter.

The Model X from has already installed firmware 2022.24.6 after passing the main German inspection. What’s not good about it is that he apparently disabled the radar sensor. Like Teslas, which began shipping in the US without radar starting last spring, the Model X now uses only a camera for the automatic system. This should pave the way for autonomous driving, but first of all it means that automatic autopilot operation is only possible up to 140 km/h instead of the previous 150 km/h.

However, a test prompted by TFF reports showed that the update also brought a higher charging capacity to our already slightly updated Model X Raven from 2019. On the supercharger V3 with the CCS adapter, it briefly reached 188 kilowatts (see image above ), reached in a few seconds with a battery level of 26 percent. At 30 percent, 180 kilowatts were reduced again, and from then on they dropped rapidly to 34 percent 100 kilowatts were reduced. However, the Model X stayed below that until we finished charging at 66 percent. In outside temperatures of around 20 degrees, neither the top charger connector nor the CCS adapter was hot to the touch.

Model S and Model X have been upgraded

How much the higher performance translates into minutes of saved travel time remains to be seen in further tests, but owners of Model S and Model X were pleased with the improvement of their electric vehicles, which Tesla has already called “heritage” after the advance. 2021 refresh. that is, as history or history. The adapter cannot be expected to do more, because Tesla writes in its online store that it is designed for a maximum of 142 kilowatts. This problem will no longer occur with the new Model S and Model X, because they have a CCS charging socket for Europe and, according to Tesla , it should be able to charge up to 250 kilowatts, like in the USA.