Top five cars for dog owners revealed: Three quarters of UK pooch … – msnNOW

Top five cars for dog owners revealed: Three quarters of UK pooch … – msnNOW

A recent study has revealed the top five vehicles that are most suitable for dog owners in the United Kingdom. According to the survey, three-quarters of UK pooches travel with their owners in the car, and these five models provide the best combination of convenience and comfort for both canine and chauffeur.

The number one spot is held by the Ford Focus, which is lauded for its spacious interior and low-level boot entrance, making it easy for even the most diminutive of dogs to get in and out of the car. The Focus also offers excellent visibility for the driver, which is important for keeping an eye on a pet in the back seat.

Coming in second is the Nissan Qashqai, which features a wide, easily accessible boot and plenty of headroom in the back seat. Additionally, the surfaces in the car are easy to wipe down, making it ideal for owners of furry friends.

In third place is the BMW 3 Series, which offers a smooth ride and plenty of room for larger breeds. The car is also equipped with a range of safety features that help to protect both driver and pet.

The Toyota Rav4 and the Mercedes C-Class round out the top five, earning praise for their comfortable interiors and a range of features that make travelling with a dog easier. The Rav4 offers an optional boot divider that can help to keep a pet safe and secure.

These five cars offer dog owners a variety of features to make travelling with their four-legged friends simpler and more comfortable.