Tops and Flops (Monte Carlo 2023)

Tops and Flops (Monte Carlo 2023)

For the seventh season in a row, the stars and contestants stay true to their promises every Wednesday after the rally. The principle remains the same with three different types. In the past, the “tops” highlight the shows that will remain. On the contrary, “flops” indicate the desires of the weekend. The word “neither nor” concludes this column with an element that could be seen in the two categories mentioned above.

This year again, this space is meant to be personal and just waiting for your feedback, intimate and contradictory. Which is clearly welcome in the comments under the article.


1 Sebastien Ogier and Vincent Landais Improbable, and sure of his strength, the eight-time World Champion once again showed impressive skill and control. To his right, a new teammate has emerged in the same registry. Up!
2 Ancient Rovanpera Let’s not forget that behind the records that Sébastien Ogier and Sébastien Loeb break every year, he has only one goal in mind, to dominate the Championship and aim for a new world title. His excellent results in Leadership launch him well in his quest!
3 Nikolay Gryazin and Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 Of course there was no victory in the end but the performances shown throughout the weekend were truly amazing!


1 Very few viewers There is nothing new under the sun… But at a time when the FIA ​​and the organizers are bringing a heavy weapon to manage the spectators, this kind of behavior can only comfort them in their decisions…
2 Battle in WRC2 This internal competition that pushes the teams to use all strategies to win has become absurd.
3 Pierre Louis Loubet A weekend to quickly forget…

Neither nor: Monte-Carlo…

As the years go by, the legendary status of the World Championship withers…