Torremaggiore, the video lurks: this is how his wife took the photo “He was in Massimo’s Maserati”

Torremaggiore, the video lurks: this is how his wife took the photo “He was in Massimo’s Maserati”

Today confirmation of the arrest of the Albanian baker who killed his 16-year-old daughter and the alleged lover of his injured wife.

From the horror story Taulant Malaj more encouraging truth emerges which today, during the hearing of the legalization of detention, will be faced for the first time in the courtroom. He, an Albanian baker who out of jealousy killed his wife’s alleged lover and the couple’s neighbor (Massimo De Santis) and his 16-year-old daughter (Jessica) who protected her mother from stab wounds.Tefta Malaj was seriously injured), there was a flood before the magistrates of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Foggia, who accused him of double murder and attempted murder. «I had the devil in my mind, that’s why I killed them», he justified himself. During the first interview with the investigators, the Albanian baker admitted his responsibility, saying that his wife and De Santis met after the accident. From that moment, added the baker, “they started talking”. The two would also often eat together: lunch that Malaj would record on his cellphone. “One day – he continued – Massimo took my wife around in his Maserati».

Reconstruction and shock video

In the building via Togliatti, the pastry chef lived on the third floor and the Malaj family on the first floor. The alleged extramarital affair, according to the killer, had been going on for more than a year. In the story of the baker he confessed to killing his daughter while trying to protect his mother. Malaj also told the investigators that, after finding out that he had killed his daughter and his wife’s alleged lover, he took his 5-year-old son (who was hiding behind the sofa) and sent the shocking video taken after the murder to the citizens of Albania. a friend who lives in Imola. Still to be understood, investigators say, if he also wanted to kill the child or if he wanted to “save” him. He then contacted his brother who still lives in Torremaggiore telling him that “he has killed my wife, my daughter and my wife’s lover”. The brother, Malaj told the prosecutor, arrived at the baker’s house just after the ambulance arrived because he was scared. After the morning the man drove around the area hiding a knife in his car: The intention, he said again, was to escape and lose his focus. Someone instead thinks that he wanted to kill himself. A story that will have to be compared to that of the only survivor, his wife who will be questioned on Friday. An important statement to understand if there really was an extramarital affair. Equally important will be the analysis on the mobile phones of the baker, his wife and his daughter were arrested by the investigators. Meanwhile, after the autopsy, scheduled for tomorrow, The funeral of Jessica and Massimo De Santis can be held. At the event the mayor of Torremaggiore Emilio di Pumpo will announce the lamentation of the city. “A period – explained the mayor – to reflect on the tragedy that happened. To pray for those who are no longer there and those who have to live with great pain”.

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May 10, 2023 (change 10 May 2023 | 08:01)