Toto Wolff is optimistic about Ferrari’s road with Red Bull: “The game is halved”

Toto Wolff is optimistic about Ferrari’s road with Red Bull: “The game is halved”

After many years of dominance, this year is a matter of returning to the world championship for the Mercedes team. Slowly but surely, the German team seems to be taking small steps towards the front of the field and Toto Wolff is happy that his team seems to be closing the gap to the top.

Mercedes are off to a terrible start to the new season and after the Germans managed to dominate the Formula 1 world for a long time, it is a matter of slowing down for Wolff and his guys this season. The team has suffered greatly from the new gluttony, but now seems to be a little more under control, resulting in three podiums for Mercedes.

The hole is cut in half

Wolff is optimistic and even sees a big jumper from his stable. “It’s just that we’re missing a tenth here and there, but I think we’ve closed the gap in the last few months. We understand the car better, but we’re still third, fourth. So we’re in the middle of no-man’s land. But if I try to find a positive, I think we could have stayed close to Verstappen in terms of race pace if we had started from the top six – although that was not the case.” of Austria.

Trouble in Austria

In his home country, however, the team boss struggled with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell as both qualified and had difficult weekends later. “Even though you can adjust the car and test things, it immediately puts you on the wrong foot. So we didn’t expect to be competitive, also due to the nature of the track. In the past this wasn’t our best track, so I’m satisfied. We just have to keep working hard,” he concludes to quarrel.