Toto Wolff (Mercedes): “There is no other way” / Formula 1

Toto Wolff (Mercedes): “There is no other way” / Formula 1

9 out of 20 drivers at Monza were transferred as punishment: isn’t Formula 1 stupid? Isn’t there a better solution to the penalty of installing new engine parts? Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is worried.

Formula 1 race officials needed a good four hours after the final training session in Monza to determine the correct order on the starting grid – because 9 of the 20 drivers had to be moved as a penalty because they had to install a new section.

Of course, there is also a heated debate among GP fans: is there really no better solution? Some Formula 1 supporters have raised the issue of depriving the affected team of points, for example.

In the first class, the engines allowed for each driver and season are three driving units in 2022. According to Article 28.2 of the sports regulations, the following are allowed: three combustion engines (internal combustion engine, ICE), MGU -Three H (generator unit heat), three MGU-K (motor generator kinetic), three turbochargers and only two batteries and two electronic control units. A maximum of eight exhaust versions are allowed.

In terms of penalties, the following are stated: If the driver uses more engine parts than allowed, he is threatened with a change in the starting grid in accordance with Article 28.3 – for ten starting positions for the first additional element (if, for example, , a fourth combustion engine is required), for five starting positions for each additional element (even if these four are not enough). If a driver is penalized more than 15 grid positions at the weekend due to the installation of new engine parts, then he will have to start from the back.
In Monza, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was also asked about the penalty transfer problem. The 50-year-old Viennese says: “We have to remember why we started it. If there was no cap on the engine, and the cost limit on the propulsion units comes later, then if we had quality engines, twenty or more, the big teams would use whatever they could gain profit.

‘Has this all been a little difficult? Normally. But I don’t see any other way at the moment. I don’t know if a reduction in points for the racing team would be the best solution. Then the team can say – we accept that so our driver can get a new engine. Because the position of the drivers would not be affected by the reduction of points.

“Regardless of what we decide in terms of allowed engine parts, teams will always explore the limits. If the penalty is very small, say just five laps, but a clean engine is worth three tenths of a second per lap, then that’s just not enough to prevent.

Italian Grand Prix, Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

01. Max Verstappen (NL), Red Bull Racing, 1:20:27.511 h
02. Charles Leclerc (MC), Ferrari, +2.446sec
03. George Russell (GB), Mercedes, +3.405
04. Carlos Sainz (E), Ferrari, +5.061
05. Lewis Hamilton (GB), Mercedes, +5.380
06. Sergio Perez (MEX), Red Bull Racing, +6.091
07. Lando Norris (GB), McLaren, +6.207
08. Pierre Gasly (F), AlphaTauri, +6.396
09. Nyck de Vries (NL), Williams, +7.122
10. Guanyu Zhou (RC), Alfa Romeo, +7.910
11. Esteban Ocon (F), Alpine, +8,323
12. Mick Schumacher (D), Haas, +8.549
13. Valtteri Bottas (FIN), Alfa Romeo, +1 lap
14. Yuki Tsunoda (J), AlphaTauri, +1 Rde
15. Nicholas Latifi (CDN), Williams, +1 lap
16. Kevin Magnussen (DK), Haas, +1 lap
Daniel Ricciardo (AUS), McLaren, engine failure
Lance Stroll (CDN), Aston Martin, Energy Recovery
Fernando Alonso (E), Alpine, loss of water, engine overheats
Sebastian Vettel (D), Aston Martin, energy recovery

Championship status (after 16 of 22 races)

the driver
01. Verstappen 335 points
02. Leclerc 219
03. Perez 210
04.Russell 203
05. Sainz 187
06.Hamilton 168
07. Norris 88
08. Okon 66
09. Alonso 59
10. Botta’s 46
11. Gas 22
12. Magnussen 22
13. Hag 20
14. Ricciardo 19
15. Schumacher 12
16. Tsunoda 11
17.zhou 6
18. Walk 5
19. Albon 4
20. De Vries 2
21. Latifi 0
22. Nico Hulkenberg (D) 0

Builders Trophy
01. Red Bull Racing 545 points
02. Ferrari 406
03.Mercedes 371
04. Alpine 125
05. McLaren 107
06. Alfa Romeo 52
07. Haas 34
08. Alpha Tauri 33
09. Aston Martin 25
10. Williams 6