Tourist power may soon disappear from the world map.  Other areas are also at risk – Travel

Tourist power may soon disappear from the world map. Other areas are also at risk – Travel

Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands, Kiribati and the Maldives are real paradise islands, and spending a vacation is a dream of many people. Unfortunately, getting there is a real challenge and is associated with high costs. An additional problem is the fact that due to climate change many of these areas may soon disappear from the world map.

“Many tropical islands, especially those that form atolls like the Maldives, are highly vulnerable to marine activity. Island states and coastal areas are the most vulnerable to sea level rise. They will slowly disappear as climate changes. as they continue, ”says Dr. Justyna Orłowska, researcher of social issues of climate change, member of the Climate Crisis Team at the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Maldives on the list of countries in danger of extinction. At the same time, they are more accessible than ever

One of the holiday paradises that could disappear from the face of the Earth is the Maldives. Until recently, this island country in the Indian Ocean was associated with the holidays of Croesuses and famous people. The prices of flights and accommodation were very high, so few people could afford a vacation in this part of the world.

However, recent years have brought significant changes. As reported by, we will already pay about PLN 1884 for a flight from Poznań to the capital of the Maldives, Male. Prices may drop further in the near future. All thanks to the airlines Wizz Air, which operates flights on the Male – Abu Dhabi route.

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Tuvalu – an island paradise between Australia and Hawaii

Tuvalu is also on the list of countries most threatened with drowning. It is a small island nation in the Pacific Midwest. It consists of nine small and low islands. This is why Tuvalu is on the list of countries at high risk of flooding due to rising sea levels.

Why is this country worth visiting? Its pools, where we can find crystal clear water, deserve special attention. The biggest advantage of this place, and at the same time a big attraction, are the nearby coral reefs, which are loved by divers. It is also a good place for an “information detox” as internet access in the islands is very poor.

Unfortunately, the trip to Tuvalu is very challenging. The only airline that flies here is Air Fiji, which only flies here twice a week. According to, the cheapest travel option from Poland is available from Warsaw. The cost of the flight itself is about PLN 11,404, and to make matters worse, we have three changes on the way.

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